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Welcoming and inviting home

Have you ever been to someone’s house and thought to yourself: Wow, now this is a home. What was it about their place that made it so special? It’s that feeling you want your guests to feel everytime they stay with you. Your rental needs to feel inviting and alive. So what can you do to make sure your guests always feel this way? Through the strategic placement of plants coupled with proper lighting you can breathe new life into your property.


Plants are a great, cost effective way of literally bringing new life into your property. Their green exterior and unique look add a more natural and comfortable feel to the rental. The combination of indoor and outdoor make the guest feel more involved in the rental and will feel more calm. If you’re worried about watering your plants, then possibly stick to those that need minimal maintenance and water.

Natural Light

Natural light is a huge player in increasing the livelihood of your property. Natural light is better for the environment, can reduce electricity bills and is easier on guests’ eyes. Maximize natural light in your property by clearing anything in the way of windows and adding passive light blinds, that way guests can get the best of both worlds.

Light Accents

Unlike natural light, light accents have to do with the furniture, appliances, paint and other accents of the rental. By choosing lighter and more neutral colours, your property will seem more inviting and lively! Pastels are a great option for wall colours as they don’t go out of style and are very calming.

Some options may work for your property and others won’t. But if you believe your property needs more life, then try any one of these suggestions and see the difference.

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