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If you’ve talked to others in the rental space or travel industry, you’ve probably heard the expression ‘revenge travel’ come up here and there. You may be wondering what it means, and how it’ll affect your business. Revenge travel, in essence, is the state of which someone will make up for lost time in the respect to travelling. That is, because of the pandemic’s firm grip on lack of travel, when restrictions lift, a lot of people will want to travel more than ever due to lost time.

What is revenge travel?

Does Revenge Travel Affect You?

So how does revenge travel affect you? Well, if you’re a property owner/manager/business owner, you can expect to see higher than normal occupancy rates when restrictions lift in your area. What this means is that with higher occupancy rates, comes more responsibility and busy-ness. You may feel that you are becoming more inundated with tasks than you’re used to, as the time that you’ve spent adjusting to lower occupancy rates has altered the way you manage your business. Coming up with a game plan now and deciding what the best course of action is when having your guests come back should be at the forefront of your mind.


Revenge travel not only means more people visiting your property but also a higher chance of COVID transmission (if they’re travelling to your destination, they’re probably travelling to others). In order to combat this, you must stay on top of the cleaning protocols you’ve already established at the beginning of the pandemic. Keeping up with the demand and having to thoroughly clean each unit may turn into a hassle, but the last thing you want is to shut down due to a COVID outbreak. By being proactive and staying one step ahead of the influx of guests, you’ll no doubt see a successful return to regular business.


It may seem a bit scary to think about the return of travel and the large influx of guests that may come upon your doorstep, but if your business is well prepared and is able to deal with the situation, then there should be no issue getting back to normal. That being said, thorough cleanings as well as a plan of action are definitely recommended so that your business isn’t overwhelmed.

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