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By now, the slow introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine is old news. Starting in the UK, the first non-trial administration of a vaccine occurred in the early weeks of December, and we have seen more people receive the vaccine.  With the vaccine slowly rolling out, it is only natural to start thinking about how travel restrictions will be modified in the coming months. Figuring out the right protocols to take when renting out your properties in 2021 should be on your radar, as you will want to be one step ahead of everyone else.

What happens to travel after the vaccine?

Preparing your STR for future stays

So, how can you prepare for the future when everything at the moment is so unpredictable? When dealing with the travel industry, the first step you need to take is having any sort of detailed plan.  Having this ready, you can then prepare for each scenario. Being able to foresee the future, you gain the ability to accurately adapt to each new obstacle in a timely manner. Take the start of the pandemic for property owners for example: You may have completely stopped taking bookings, and ended up having a loss for those months. As time went on, you realized that maybe short term stays wasn’t the smartest idea or maybe you implemented some new cleaning measures. Just like that you adapted to your situation. What’s great now, is that you now have the hindsight from what happened before so you can better predict what may happen.

Wearing masks and sanitization will be normal

With the introduction of the vaccines, some restrictions will most likely be lifted in some areas of your country (if you currently have restrictions) depending on the overall situation. As these restrictions start to lift, cleaning procedures and preventive measures will still be in place. Think wearing masks, and regular sanitization. If you do own vacation homes, we mentioned in earlier posts about the importance of regularly sanitizing your properties in order to keep things in order. These thoughts are still just as valid today, if not more so. After a vaccine is implemented, you are in the preventative stage to make sure the virus does not make any surprise appearances. If you yourself are uncomfortable with cleaning your properties, we suggest leveraging a service cleaning company that can clean and disinfect your property.  We also wrote a post about how you can actually leverage property management software to make this process even more efficient and seamless.

When it comes to cleaning and preparing your property for a post COVID-19 world, there are so many points you have to consider. Making sure you have a plan for the future is the first step to ensuring that your property management business doesn’t see a drop in occupancy, and cleanliness is an important second step to retain current guests and also see more.  If you are still wondering how to better prepare your property for the 2021 year, feel free to message us at

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