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Safety and Technology

With the increased number of those vaccinated, the overwhelming urge to travel is becoming more and more popular across populations all over the world. This influx of travel will be quite welcoming for those affected by the lack of travel for the past year and a half, and will bring new things with it. Vaccinations along with new contactless technologies will allow for the safe return of travel.

Pre-pandemic, running a vacation rental business could be boiled down to having a property and the ability to rent it out part-time. Now, these operators are faced with the struggle of maintaining their properties’ cleanliness and guest safety. Technologies like contactless check-in solutions (software and hardware alike) are becoming more popular among new additions to the vacation rental.

These technologies, coupled with guest vaccinations can and will ensure that those staying at your property will effectively reduce the likelihood of transmission to future guests. Topics like vaccine passports or proof of vaccination for travel are becoming increasingly popular as the subject of whether or not those who have been vaccinated can travel is being heavily debated. If passports are issued, there may even be a technology that allows short term rental operators to ask guests for their passport number for confirmation and screening.

As the future is uncertain, one can only speculate what lies ahead for the travel and service industry. Hopefully by the end of 2022, those that are looking to travel will be able to do so freely and without financial or health consequences. If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the impact of technology or vaccinations on the travel industry, feel free to email us at

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