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All about STR (Short Term Rentals)

If you’ve read with us thus far, I’m certain that you’ve heard the term short term rental. If you’re new to the rental space, or are here just to learn, then this is for you. Simply put, a short term rental is a property or place that is able to be rented for a short period of time. However, there are many different intricacies that make every short term rental unique, and special. The term itself can also loosely be used to support these rentals.

With the boom of Airbnb and other online travel agencies (OTAs), the need for short term rentals has increased since the days of actual bread and breakfast stays. Hosting your property while you, yourself are on vacation or turning a property of yours into a business are all a part of the charm of a short term rental. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, short term rentals that last for a day or two are slowly becoming less popular, as there is an increased chance of transmission if properties are not thoroughly cleaned. Before the pandemic, you could rent out a property, or a room for a few nights if you were visiting a friend or family member, or just wanting to have a place in a foreign country. Stays now are much more geared towards medium term stays (28 days at a time) in order to ensure safety for both the guest and host.

Different cities to view

Short term rentals have become so popular because of their ease of access and simplicity. Guests who are travelling that have become bored or sick of hotels may opt for a short term rental, as it may be located deeper into the heart of a city they want to see, or in a quieter neighbourhood. This flexibility and uniqueness of a short term rental gives the guest something a little out of the ordinary when staying abroad, and leaves them with a bigger memory as the place they’ve rented is just as special as the location they’re visiting.

Staying in contact with your host

If you are unfamiliar with how short term rentals work, don’t fret, they’re actually quite simple. If an owner of a property decides they want to rent their place, they can upload their property and create a listing on an OTA. Online travel industries have hundreds of thousands of different and unique properties to choose from, making it a game to find the perfect one for you. Simply find the location where you are wanting to stay, input the price parameters and the days you will be staying there, and then find your match.Throughout the whole process you’ll be able to get in touch with the property owner in case you have any questions about the property or the stay. From there, you’re good to go!

If you have any travel tips or questions when booking a short term rental, don’t hesitate to submit some of your questions or tips to us and we’d be happy to help and even post some of them. Our email address is Happy travelling!


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