A Frozen Key

In February of 2019, I went to Mont-Tremblant for a weekend ski-trip with some friends.

When we arrived at the Airbnb the key was frozen under the doormat. We had to use lighters to unfreeze it and get in! Once we got in, we were immediately confused by the heating system, and the host was not responding to any of our questions. When we checked out, we asked the landlord for further instructions and still no answers.

Almost a week later I received a message from the host saying the heating system was turned off and a window was left open leading to frozen pipes in the kitchen. This whole situation could have been avoided with smart devices, better communication, and a true home owner mindset.

— Francois Gouelo, Co-Founder

Our Team

Where empathy maters.

François Gouelo

CEO & Co-Founder

Peter Sorbo

CTO & Co-Founder

Nick Lenko

VP of Product Experience

Emma Pinon

Business Operations Manager


Growth Hacker


Senior QA Engineer

Jonathan Sanchez

Front End Developer

Alberto Luis Florez

Back End Developer


QA Engineer - Student


Full Stack Developer - Student

Seamless, Automated Travelling

Our goal at Enso Connect is to revolutionize the travel industry by providing guests with the comfort and convenience of a hotel, while receiving the community experience of a home.

Our Advisors

We count ourselves lucky to work with our world class advisors.

Jeff Hagins

Former CTO of SmartThings

Jeff is the former CTO of SmartThings which was acquired by Samsung back in 2015. Jeff is a serial entrepreneur with a deep understanding of smart technology. Jeff provides a key role in our integration and deployment of smart home devices.

Daniel Dubois

Growth at Airbnb

Daniel is the former Market Manager of Airbnb for Canada and eastern USA and the current CEO of Key Living, a new home buying model that has over $2B dollars worth of assets tied to the company. Daniel provides an important role in understanding the short term rental ecosystem, and is a bridge between Enso and other industry professionals in this space.

Andrew Kitchell

CEO & Founder @ Wheelhouse & Lyric

I am motivated by working with amazing groups of people on projects I love. Yes, I feel very fortunate that many/most days feel that way. Additionally, I love helping early-stage entrepreneurs get over the fundraising-gap - telling compelling narratives to investors in a manner that helps re-frame an opportunity. I live in keynote & dropbox paper, and love storytelling, ideally with a fun group of collaborators. Goal is to keep building a network & skills to take on bigger and bigger challenges. Miles to go!


Lawyer at EY

Marc is a former lawyer at Osler, former partner at Miller Thomson, and now lawyer at EY. Marc brings a new perspective to the legal challenges of the short term rental industry, with a deep understanding of privacy and taxation law, allowing Enso to operate world wide without intruding our guest’s privacy.

Philip Poulidis

Co-Founder at ODAIA.ai

Philip is a serial entrepreneur and current founder and CEO of ODAIA a Customer Journey Analytics and Prediction engine out of the University of Toronto. Philip bridges the gap in our fundraising, and customer analytics segment of Enso Connect, providing valuable advice on how to scale this business quickly.

Ben Isenberg

Associate at M Partners

Ben is a former analyst at TLVC Capital, and Investment Banking Associate at M Partners. Ben is the numbers guy and allows us to achieve our ultimate vision while enhancing the financial value of Enso and that of our clients.