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Meet the Team Behind Enso Connect

Get to know the talented individuals who power Enso Connect. Our team is composed of a diverse group of digital natives, hospitality experts, and tech enthusiasts who are passionate about creating seamless, digitized experiences in all aspects of life. We share a common goal of blending technology with genuine hospitality to make a positive impact on the future of travel and guest experience. Together, we strive to make a difference in the industry.

Our advisors

We count ourselves lucky to work with our world class advisors.

Andrew Kitchell

Daniel Dubois

Jeffrey Hagins

Michael Hyatt

Evan Dolgow

Working at Enso Connect

Seamless Personalized Travelling

At Enso Connect, our goal is to transform the travel industry by offering guests the best of both worlds – the comfort and convenience of a hotel with the community experience of a home.

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