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Unified Communications

AI Predicted Responses

Reduce response times with AI-predicted responses.

  • Avoid human error with predicted responses
  • Save time searching for the right answers
  • Increase operational efficiency and OTA ranking
AI predictive responses in Enso Connect's messaging system

Let our AI work for you, and delight your guests

What is AI Predicted Responses

Artificial intelligence can now predict what you want to type. The algorithms, like GPT4, will generate an appropriate set of possible responses, making it quicker for you to answer guests. It can get better with time by learning the patterns in your writing style.

AI can predict what you want to type

How we do this

Using a scoped version of GPT4, our algorithm will help predict the best response for that message you just received. 

No more copy/paste mistakes, and no more digging in spreadsheets to find the right answer!

With time we are building a knowledge base for your business, training the AI to improve the quality of suggested responses, and launch new automation capabilities.

How do AI predicted responses work?

How it works for you

Think of it as a chatbot, but one that doesn’t talk to your guests directly. It predicts what you should be sending. Simply put, a little pop-up will appear with a possible response. 

Using predictive responses in your guest communications allows you to significantly reduce response time.

How AI predicted responses work for hospitality businesses

Get the right answers instantly!

Know how your guests feel throughout their journey.
Improve your business with data.
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