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From day to day, I can guarantee that you’ve communicated with at least one person, whether it’s your mother asking about how to login to Netflix or your spouse wondering what you are doing for dinner.  Communication is key for decision making and accurately conveying a message in a timely manner.  The same thing is true when trying to communicate with a potential guest for your rental, the only difference is that communication needs to be quick and exact.  If your guest is wondering how to get into your rental on a cold winter day, you bet they’re hoping for a quick reply!

Saving time can be easy

Communicating with your guests

These replies and guest communication as a whole can be incredibly time consuming and can even cause a fair bit of stress, so it’s imperative that you improve this area of your rental process.  Whether you message guests on Airbnb, Email, Text, WhatsApp, the sentiment is the same: how can this be simplified?  Well for starters, we have to figure out what area of guest communication takes the most of your time.  This one is pretty obvious — actually messaging the guest. But wait, how can you save time in this area? Simple. It all comes down to thinking about a Property Management Software (PMS), and most PMS include some sort of guest communication simplification.

Using a PMS can help with communication

Leveraging such features as scheduled messages or message templates can help you save time when talking to the people staying in your property! These are just the tip of the iceberg.  A select few PMS actually include intelligent auto replies or even an AI chatbot so that even if you didn’t schedule a message, your guest will still get the answer they’re looking for (like what the WiFi password is).

So a PMS can take care of scheduling and even responding to messages, but what happens if you message a guest on Airbnb and Email?  Well, a good PMS has a unified inbox, so any communication you have with your guests appears all in one place. Gone are the days of searching for the missing Email or Text Message, when everything is in one place you can be sure of what you’ve sent, and that you haven’t skipped a beat.

As you can see a PMS can actually prove to be very useful once you get the hang of it. If you are curious about what other things a PMS can offer you, or how guest communication can be simplified with the use of one, feel free to email us at Here at Enso Connect we want to make sure that every host and guest finishes every rental with that ‘great stay’ feeling.

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