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BookingSync partnership with Enso Connect will help customers create personalized guest experience with the power of AI

Forward-thinking European vacation rental management company adds an innovative integration to equip customers for growth in the New Era of Hospitality 

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The need for new technology

Hotels, short-term rentals and boutique operators are converging and vacation rental space is shifting to professionalization. This is why guest experience takes center stage in the success of short-term rental businesses. To answer this growing demand, the BookingSync team upgraded the company toolbox with new tech solutions.   

The company is spread across 17 countries in Europe and US. It has a vision of allowing short-term rental managers to achieve vast growth. The BookingSync team has a history of enabling companies like Luckey by Airbnb and GuestReady to grow to 2500 properties. They know what it takes to propel a short stay business to the next level.

Partnership with Enso Connect benefits BookingSync users

Customers using the integration will be able to have conversations with their guests through email, text messages, Whatsapp, Airbnb messages or let the Chatbot, Jarvis respond for them, all from one inbox. They will be able to organize and prioritize correspondence in the unified inbox, set up automated flows and even train the chatbot to engage in a friendly manner with guests. 

Enso Connect’s experience lab allows property managers to centralize all steps of the guest journey in one-stop portal. (guest verification, IoT enabled access management, noise control, AI driven review automations) creating a truly personalized experience, all without adding more staff or workload. 

One of the most exciting opportunities enabled by the Enso Connect platform, is customer retention and marketing capabilities, powered by AI.   

Francois Gouelo, Co-founder and CEO of Enso Connect, says: “We are using the latest AI technology on the platform. In fact, the research papers for these models were released just a few months ago. We are one of the first companies to commercialize this AI in the hospitality industry. We are happy to have BookingSync among the first partners to embrace the innovation.”     

What Enso Connect have done for existing clients

  • Reduced the average response time of the customers from 56 minutes, down to 2.5 minutes 
  • Automated over 70% of customer communications with over 75,000 guests, aiming to go up to 80% in the near future
  • Developed the Boarding Pass, a web-based guest super app for streamlined digital guest experience

Learn more about Enso Connect integration with BookingSync.

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