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What do guests want most post COVID?

By April 16, 2021June 15th, 2023No Comments

Working in the short term rental industry, you automatically become a part of the service industry. You look to give the best experience to guests no matter what the situation. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way hosts look at their properties and the ways they manage them. In a post COVID world, guests are going to be increasingly more picky when it comes to choosing a rental. We recently wrote a report detailing why hosts need technology in a current and post pandemic world, as well as what guests are wanting in a property in order to rent again.

What are guests wanting the most

Knowing what your guests want

Guests, like other people, are looking to minimize the contact between others. One major thing guests are looking for are contactless check-in and technology solutions. In a recent Harris Poll, 48% of respondents said that they would like to see contactless solutions implemented in their rental in order to feel comfortable in renting. What this looks like is dependent on the property manager, but could be smart check-ins with technology, an ability to contact the host remotely, or the ability to access the property without any contact with the host.

Another thing that the majority guests prioritize heavily are the cleaning and sanitation measures put in place by the host. In fact, 55% of guests want a property or location that have clear cleaning protocols that detail what aspects of the property have been cleaned and how frequently. This makes total sense. Travelling to a new location and having to stay in a property that has guests in and out, one would want to know how clean the property is. By implementing service cleanings, as well as advertising the cleanliness of the property are all things to highlight your property.

We detail other information about what guests are looking for in a property as well as what trends hosts displayed during the pandemic in our most recent report. If you are looking to check it out, make sure to check our website, or by emailing us at so we can send it to you.

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