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What is your rental missing? This question, although so innocuous, can really determine how you place in comparison to other Short Term Rental owners out there. Essentially, what are other hosts offering that you aren’t? When guests check-in and checkout, they could have had a great time or a poor time. The trick is to ask them to leave details about their stay in order to figure out what you can improve so that you can do better for the next guest. Learning from your ‘mistakes’ is a great way to improve your STR business, and show that you are willing to change for the better.

Ask questions

Asking questions to your past guests

The trick to getting a response from your guests is to ask them for their opinion. Weird. This seemingly easy and thoughtless process should already be a part of your checkout process, but in most cases it’s not. Opening a dialogue with your guests, and asking their honest opinion can really encourage your guests to speak their honest thoughts, instead of scratching the service. These deep answers are key to figuring out what you need to improve in your rental.

Once figuring out what to fix — whether it’s the checkin/out policy, or the ambience, you can take notes of how frequently something like this takes place and then determine what issues take precedence over others. This sort of weighted importance improvement scale can greatly impact the betterment of your rental! Figuring out what direct guests want can save you time racking your brain figuring out who to target, or what to change.

Making changes

Making changes to your short term rental

Making changes to your rental process, or your rental in general may come across as hurtful or even disrespectful. It’s not. You must distance yourself from the rental so that you can quickly and easily solve any issue without being personally offended with something that is wrong. This ability to disassociate yourself from your property is a very important skill, as it can give you a clear head when determining the direction your rental should be headed.

When answering the question “What is your rental missing”, you shouldn’t have an answer. If you do, then solve that immediately. If you’re found without an answer, then you should resort to asking your past guests. Being humble and figuring out what you can do better is a great skill in life — let alone the STR market.

If you have any questions regarding how to make your STR better, ask your previous guests first, but if you’re struggling with responses, don’t hesitate to email us at We are always willing to help out a property owner, so that they are able to succeed.

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