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If you’re just starting out in the vacation rental business, you may be wondering what you need for your rental to succeed. In the past year, that answer would have changed countless times. Figuring out what’s necessary is paramount to your business’ success and longevity. The necessities will ensure that you are prepared for any situation, as well as making sure your guests have the same great experience.

The essentials for your STR

Essentials for Your STR

For starters, you’ll want the basics. Preparing your rental with linens, dishes, and some soap not only saves a step for guests but also gives them peace of mind. Pretend it’s you going to a short term rental — what would you want to see in the rental and what things would you need? By putting yourself in the guests shoes you not only get a better sense of perspective but also a sense of knowing that you did your due diligence.

Because of COVID, the majority of guests want their stay to be as contactless as possible. Gone are the days of welcoming your guests, or coming into the rental. The overwhelming consensus is that guests want contactless solutions in order for them to feel safe and secure while travelling. For you, this may mean investing in technology to support that. Smart locks, smart lights, and a tech stack for managing your guests are all solutions that remove contact. Whether it’s touching fixtures or even allowing guests into the rental, this technology should now be a staple in your property’s repertoire.

Besides those two key aspects of running your rental, embrace your creativity and see what you think are other essentials. For some guests they don’t care about restaurants or bars in the area, but for others it may be the reason they’re staying with you. By leaving take out menus, or giving suggestions on what places you recommend you’re removing another stressor. If you’re still curious about what other necessities you need or have ones of your own, feel free to email us at

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