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Boarding Pass

Contactless Check-in

Give your guests what they want: quick and easy contactless check-in.

  • Create consistent seamless check-ins
  • Manage digital access, with or without smart locks
  • Increase operational efficiency for your staff 
Contactless check-in with the Boarding Pass

Streamline access with or without smart locks

The Guest Journey

Contactless check-in as part of a digital guest journey

Your guest journey, all in one link

Stop bouncing your guests between different applications, links, and other resources. It’s all part of the same flow! Guests can view check-in instructions only after they’ve completed verification, or purchased an early check-in. 

Learn more about guest verification process and custom upsells.

Step-by-step check-in instructions

Step by step, picture by picture

Guide your guests through the check-in process with step-by-step instructions. Each step can include:

  • An image
  • Text describing the instructions
  • A connected smart device OR no device if you don’t have them.
Connect smart locks for contactless check-in

Connect smart locks (optional)

Add one or more smart locks to your properties. From the gate to the front door, or a side door; make it easy for the guest to access the property.

Learn more about which smart locks we connect with and how this works.

Personalize your guest's contactless check-in

Personalize your content

Add booking, listing, or PMS level custom fields to your check-in instructions to personalize content at each step.

Greeting your guest by name in the very first step goes a long way!

Configure your contactless check-in with your own rules

Set your own rules

Configure when to allow guests to have access to their check-in instructions.

Prompt a guest to purchase an early check-in if they’ve arrived too early, or grant them access when the time is right.

Release check-in instructions manually or automatically based on your rules and conditions.

Contactless check-in in 200 different languages

Speak your guests’ language

Have different languages set for your check-in instructions.

Based on the guest’s preferred language, alter the instructions and speak their language.

From English, French, Spanish, or even Catalan, Breton, and more, Enso Connect covers over 200+ languages.

Over 1 Million guests have successfully checked in using Enso Connect!

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