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Contactless Checkout

Boost reviews, drive direct bookings and save housekeeping time with contactless checkout.

  • Know when your guests checkout
  • Increase five-star ratings and reviews
  • Drive guests to your direct booking website
  • Prompt late checkout upsells
Guest is checking out of a vacation rental property

Know when your guests checkout

The Guest Journey

Step-by-step checkout instructions

Step by step check-out instructions

Guide your guests through step-by-step checkout instructions. Add text and photos, to make it clear how they are expected to leave the property.

Guest's checkout notification

Notify your team about checkouts

Turnover your properties faster by notifying your staff immediately when a guest has actuall gone through the check out process. Enable housekeeping to better plan the cleaning. Learn more about the Automations & Workflows to action on this.

Late checkout upsell

Prompt a late checkout add-on

Increase revenue per guest by offering a late checkout for a fee. Include the offer in your automatic checkout message, sent the night before and/or the morning of the guest departure.

Asking for guest's feedback at the checkout

Get Internal Reviews

While Enso Connect does not currently post reviews (this is dependent on your PMS), allowing your guests to share their experience after their stay, before even posting a review, will filter out further negative experiences.

Direct booking prompt at the checkout

Encourage your guests to book directly

Finish your digital checkout process with a message, inviting your guests to your direct bookings website.

Checkout 5 Stars v2

Increase your 5-star reviews

Automatically send review requests to only your happiest guests.

if guest sentiment > neutral, remind guests to leave a review

Increase efficiency, reviews and bookings with contactless check-in.

Wifi and important information. Everything your guests need to know about your property, all in one place.
Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Airbnb – all in one inbox, under your control.
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