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Guest Data Collection

Knowing your guests is no longer a luxury with guest data collection.

  • Collect data before, during, and after their stay
  • Maintain privacy standards (GDPR, PIPEDA)
  • Personalize your services and drive repeat bookings
Guest data collection with technology

Collect guest data and leverage it to grow your business

Collect essential guest information

Real Emails and Phone Numbers

Bypass OTA restrictions and message your guests during and after their stay directly with their real contact information.

Pre-Arrival Information

Ask your guests about their estimated time of arrival (ETA) or travel reason to personalize their stay.

and so much more

Get the information you need to personalize your guest experience. From the name of their pet to their favorite drink, collect the data before your guests show up at the door.

Collecting essential guest information

Do you have a guest data strategy?

Learn about the 5 ways to increase your revenue with the right data strategy. How to take action on your guest data. 

Read the full article on Building a guest data strategy for vacation rentals

Take a vacation rental guest data test. Our guest data checker helps you understand how your current data strategy measures up to the needs of an STR direct booking success.

A hospitality professional is building a guest data strategy

Drive direct bookings with guest data

Collect Key Data Points

The four core buckets of data to collect:

  • Contact information
  • Demographics
  • The Why?
  • Review Information

Tailor Your Marketing Efforts

Use the data you have to target specific groups of potential, current or past guests. Personalize your communications and offers for a better service and higher conversion.

Build Customer Loyalty

Use the data you collect to create a loyalty program that rewards guests for their repeat business. Incentivize guests for booking directly with you in the future.

Fast response and follow up on inquiries for higher conversion to bookings

Drive more direct bookings with a guests data strategy

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Reduce fraud and risk in hospitality
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