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Your Hospitality CRM

Build brand loyalty and drive more direct bookings.

  • Manage guest data to drive direct bookings 
  • Craft personalized relevant conversations 
  • Keep guests engaged to create repeat business 
  • Address inquiries and guest issues faster
Enso Connect's Hospitality CRM main screens

Drive more direct bookings with a hospitality CRM

How it works? 3 easy steps

Guest data management in hospitality CRM

1. Collect data

Messaging personalization in Enso Connect's hospitality CRM

2. Personalize interactions

Automating a targeted marketing campaign in Enso Connect's CRM

3. Drive revenue with targeted campaigns

Manage guest interactions and data throughout your guest journey

Why our CRM system is unique

Guest data collection with technology

Data Collection

Collect guest data throughout the entire journey, from the contact and personal details at the verification stage, to preferences and sentiment during the stay.

CRM Segmentation v2

Customer segmentation

Segment your guests by travel reasons, past purchases, preferences, sentiment, and much more.

Personalize messages and offers for elevated guest experience and increased revenue.

Enso Connect's unified inbox for efficient guest communication

Unified inbox for all conversations

Enso Connect captures your guest conversations from Airbnb, email, SMS and WhatsApp and makes all messages available in a single inbox. All messages are displayed in the guest profile.

Guest relations workflows and automations

Create workflows based on If This Then That conditions. Choose from an array of actions to be performed, such as  –  sending confirmation messages, tailored offers, payment reminders, and updating guest details.

Guest messaging automation based on the sentiment recognition

Targeted marketing campaigns

Craft hyper-focused marketing email, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns that convert.

Automating a targeted marketing campaign in Enso Connect's CRM

Metrics tracking

Simplify complicated data into visual reports. You will be able to see booking channels, lengths of stays, cancellation patterns, purchases made, sentiment, conversations, etc.

Tracking performance metrics in Enso Connect's hospitality CRM

Export Your Data

This is your data, not Enso Connect’s. Export your data in Json or CSV format anytime to import in other tools you might use like Mailchimp, Hubspot, or other CRMs.

Exporting guest data in Enso Connect's hospitality CRM

Your hospitality CRM to increase revenue with upsells, repeat guests and direct bookings

Improve your business with data.
One App, One Journey, Many happy guests.
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