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Inquiry to Booking Converter

Increase your inquiry-to-booking conversion with AI and custom automations.

  • Automate following up with inquiries
  • Customize your messaging
  • Don’t Forget! Never leave an inquiry hanging
Enso Connect's inquiry to booking converter tool

Never miss a booking opportunity ever again

What is an Inquiry to Booking Converter:

Travelers search through multiple accommodations and send inquiries to a few before making a booking decision.

A guest sends an average of 6 inquiries before making a booking.

What happens once they submit their inquiries can make all the difference between a lost customer and a confirmed booking. 

90% of operators don’t follow up with inquiries; do you? 

With our new Inquiry Converter you will never miss a booking opportunity ever again.

Converting inquiries to bookings with Enso Connect

How we do this:

The booking-to-inquiry conversion journey: 

Step 1: A guest messages you inquiring about the accommodation

Step 2: You answer as quickly as possible – our AI helps you make the response quick with predicted responses.

Step 3: You don’t hear from the prospect again? Follow up! 

Step 4: Booking is made

Inquiry How v2

How it works for your business:

Be in the 10% of operators who follow up with inquiries and win bookings.

Schedule a follow up message, setting your rules:

  • Choose message wording or use one of our templates 
  • Set the time when the message should to be sent out to the prospect 
  • Add a condition to not send out the message if the prospect reaches out within a certain time
Fast response and follow up on inquiries for higher conversion to bookings

Start automating your booking inquiries today!

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