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Get Enso Connect’s Pricing,
Tailored for Your Business

Every hospitality business is unique – that’s why we’ve built the most configurable platform on the market!

Whether you’re a vacation rental host, professional property manager or hotelier, we’ve got a pricing plan for you.

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Calculate your potential monthly returns

Successful hospitality professionals trust Enso Connect because they:

Control their guest experience in one place

Make more money with upsells and custom fees

Build a brand with a fully customizable branded web-app

Get more direct bookings with data collection and CRM (beta)

Reduce response times with an AI-driven unified inbox, and more!

Easily manage access, with or without smart locks

You’re in good company.

Trusted by the pros in Hospitality.

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What is included in the subscription?

  • Consultation and training
  • Access to Guest Journey Editor for quick and easy setup
  • Smart locks setup help (see a list of supported smart locks)
  • Your customized Guest Experience Dashboard
  • Access to Enso Connect’s partner ecosystem (see a list of supported partners)
  • PMS integration (see the list of supported PMS)
  • Online support

Do you have a free trial?

As setting up the account takes between 2 to 8 hours, a free trial isn’t suitable. However, we do offer paid trials for property managers with more than 150 properties under management, a trial might be the preferred approach. Book a meeting with our sales team today to discuss your needs!

Are there any other fees?

We charge 2% to your guests for upsells. Any additional connected package with Autohost, Superhog, or other partners are add ons.

What are the payment terms of using Enso Connect?

Choose your billing pre-payment amount – this locks in a reduced price per listing.

  • If you choose monthly, you pay the first month in advance, and monthly pro-rated thereafter.
  • If you choose quarterly to benefit from the quarterly discount, you will be billed the first quarter in advance, and then monthly pro-rated throughout the year.
  • If you choose yearly to benefit from the yearly discount, you will be billed the first year in advance, and then monthly pro-rated throughout the year.

Can I switch my Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Pre-payment?

Switching between monthly, quarterly, or yearly is available on a case by case basis. The prepayment amount allows you to lock in a better rate for your contract. Once your contract is over, you can contact your sales representative to renew a prepayment amount and get a better rate per room or listing.

What happens when my business grows?

Our pricing is tiered based on the number of properties or rooms you manage. After reaching the next tier, your price per room or property goes down.

What is the contract duration and cancelation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time but we do require 60 days notice to do so. We do not offer refunds unless there are special circumstances. Contracts are for a 1 year duration.

Is there a limited number of users on the platform?

No, you can have as many users on the platform as you’d like. We do not charge per user, but per room or listing.

How do I generate additional revenue with Enso Connect?

Our system provides an easy set up to connect your affiliate links and create custom upsells to diversify your revenue streams.

Are you available in my country?

Our product is available globally and supports more than 250 languages in guidebooks and agreements. Our support team is available at your convenience, but in English and French only at the moment.

I don’t have a PMS, can I still use Enso Connect?

Unfortunately, for now, Enso Connect is only available when connected to your property management system. You can learn more about the list of PMS by exploring our integrations.

Your PMS request

Stay connected with our expanding integrations ecosystem! Inform us about the Property Management System (PMS) you’re currently using, and we’ll notify you as soon as the integration is available.

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