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Boarding Pass

Security Deposits, Damage Waiver, and Fees

Maximum convenience and protection for you and your guests.

  • Monetize protection with additional fees
  • Customize and automate your rules by channel and property
  • Empower your guests to choose what they want
Collecting a security deposit at the verification stage

Peace of mind in hospitality has never been so flexible

Protect your property

Safety Deposits

Hold Card

Enso Connect will place a hold on the guest’s card 2 days before check-in. You will have until 2 days after the checkout date to collect the deposit, after which it will be automatically cancelled. The deposit is held starting 2 days prior to the guest’s check-in, throughout their stay, and is released 2 days post their checkout.

Charge Card

Enso Connect will charge the card automatically and refund the guest within 2 days after checkout, unless the funds have been collected.

Damage Waiver

This is like self-insurance. While we do charge a 7% fee paid by the guest, the damage waiver fee is deposited straight into your Stripe account; just like an upsell. Damage waivers are a great way to save up some money for a rainy day!

Fees Damaged Glass v2

Add a new revenue stream

Pet Fee

Charge a fee for those furry friends. Whether it’s per pet, or a flat fee – this is a great way to compensate for additional cleaning work that might have to get done.

Custom Fees

Create your own mandatory fee that guests will have to pay.

Fees Pet Fees v3

Comply with local regulations

Resort Fee or Local Tax

Comply with local rules and charge any resort fee or local taxes.

Fees Local Fees v2

Configure, Customize and Streamline

Manage currency and price settings

Change the currency and price settings for properties individually, or in bulk. Whether it’s a per night fee, a flat fee, or a per pet per night – you name it we have it!

Add conditions

Use If This Then That logicto configure and tailor each fee based on your own rules. Security deposits, Fees, and Damage Waivers happen at the verification stage of the guest journey.

Make it clear to guests

Explain with what this fee is about to avoid any confusion or friction. Configure with images, text, videos, and more!

Fees Different Fees v2

Security deposit VS damage waiver: the difference

Security deposit in hospitality
Protect your property from bad guests
Security Deposit
  • Covers accidental and intentional damage
  • Includes missing items
  • Price of Security Deposit: $200 to $500+
  • Refundable after checkout
Damage Waiver
  • You choose how you want to use these funds!
  • Deposited in your stripe account instantly
  • Price of Damage Waiver: $30 to $100
  • Non-refundable

Provide flexibility

Did you know that 85% of guests will choose the non-refundable damage waiver because of the sticker shock of a security deposit?

Let your guests choose between a non-refundable damage waiver or a safety deposit.

While the damage waiver may not cover the full damages caused by a single guest; collecting enough of these means you will end up with on average 18 times more funds to cover for damages than with a security deposit.

Damage Waiver and Safety Deposit fees in the guest app

Ultimate protection with effortless convenience

Create new revenue streams
The only Apple Wallet compatible guest experience!
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