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We are proud to announce the launch of Boarding Pass V3, a game-changing update to our AI-powered guest web app.

This revamp is designed to redefine how vacation rental professionals and boutique hotels connect with guests. The main features are the intuitive navigation, advanced branding, and direct integrations for a seamless user and shopping experience. And we’ve added another cool AI tool for quick guidebook generation, integrating our EnsoAI with Google Places.

Keep reading to learn more about this huge Boarding Pass update or watch the video to see how it works.

Introducing Boarding Pass V3

Engaging with your guests has never been more easy, intuitive and beautiful!

With advanced branding capabilities, upsells, and optimized design, expect travelers to engage more with your Boarding Pass. This complete design uplift enhances user experience and boosts satisfaction.

Why We Did It

This update is inspired by our user feedback and e-commerce best practices. Our purpose is to enhance the Boarding Pass’ visual appeal and ease of navigation for guests. We have improved listing information accessibility, made your upsells more enticing, and a streamlined purchase experience. All this – to boost your upsell conversion and revenue.

Boarding Pass V3 Main Features

We’ve added a bunch of highly anticipated features to elevate the user and purchasing experience in the Boarding Pass app. Here is the most interesting features in this update. One of the coolest features is our EnsoAI and Google Places API integration – keep reading to find out about it.

Magazine-Style Revamp for Boarding Pass Sections: Home, Upgrades, Guides

We’ve enhanced the Boarding Pass with a refreshed design featuring icons and images, as well as dedicated “Upgrades” and “Guides” pages for easier navigation.

Full-width display for the first guidebook and every fifth thereafter adds variety. A new carousel view is highlighting your top 3 upsells, while allowing guests to explore more below. The guidebooks are now organized in a tabbed format and include cover photos and enhanced text previews.

Increased Configurability

You have the freedom to modify components in order to meet your specific needs. Guidebooks can now be rearranged by dragging and dropping, allowing you to highlight the most important information.

You can move key information from the dedicated Boarding Pass page onto the main page for quicker access.

Purchase Summary Page for Trust and Efficiency

We’ve introduced a guest billing page to provide a summary of purchased upsells. Upon purchasing an upsell, guests are directed to a page outlining their purchase.

This enables you to convey the purchase details automatically, without the need for manual messages.

Direct Stripe Integration for Smooth Shopping Experience

We’ve seamlessly integrated Stripe into the platform, allowing guests to purchase upsells straight from the Boarding Pass without any redirections.

A Variety of Stability Improvements

Some issues have been fixed to make the process smoother.

How To Use It

The update is now active across all Enso Connect accounts. For optimal use of Boarding Pass V3, Enso-connected users require high-quality images for their upsells and guidebooks.

EnsoAI and Google Places API Integration

With just one click generate tailored guidebooks for your listings that match your location.

The feature searches Google to discover the top 5 places in categories such as restaurants, cafes, attractions, parking, and more for the city. Then, it summarizes these places using ChatGPT. Ensure your guidebook content stays current, even when you’re short on time for manual curation.


Why We Did It

While managing high volume of listings listings, creating guidebooks for each can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We’re leveraging AI and Google Places API integration to simplify this process and quickly create beautiful and informative guidebooks, localized for your area.

Feature Details

  • Guidebooks are generated for each city represented in the platform
  • Templates cover categories like restaurants, cafes, attractions, parking, etc.
  • Uses a Google Search to find top 5 places in the city for that category
  • Summarizes places using EnsoAI
  • Includes name, website, directions, and a short summary for each place

How To Use It

When configuring your guidebooks, click the “Create from template” button and select one of the templates, pre-populated based on your property’s location. You can either save it as it is or make edits and adjustments before saving.

See how the Boarding Pass V3 can streamline your guest interactions and boost upsell revenue.

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