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Boarding Pass

Guest Screening and Verification

Protect your property, prevent damage, take control with bulletproof guest screening and verification.

  • Reduce chargebacks with proof
  • Verify that your guests are who they say they are
  • Collect guest data for personalization and marketing
Guest screening and verification in hospitality

Learn about our screening and verification partners Superhog, Autohost

4 Verification Steps

Guest contact details collection at the verification stage

1. Data Collection

Collect your guests’ names, emails, phone numbers, and other information you need, in a non-intrusive way.

Biometric guest ID verification

2. ID Verification

Collect IDs to avoid fraudulent bookings directly through Enso Connect, or with our partners: Autohost, Superhog, Partee.

Protect your business with a digital rental agreement

3. Agreements

Send your rental agreements to guests to fill in and sign electronically pre-arrival.

Protect your property from bad guests

4. Fees & Deposits

Deal with accidental damage quickly and efficiently, collecting security deposits or damage waivers before your guests arrive.

Configure everything to meet your needs!

Guest ID verification

Verify Guest IDs – Manually or Automatically

Approve guests through the guest screening and verification stage, ask them to get re-verified, or approve them automatically.

Guest data collection during the verification stage

Collect Data

Collect guest details pre-arrival. Ensure all fields in your rental agreement are pre-populated with the details, minimizing the risk of errors.

Learn more about the importance of guest data.

Chargeback report is available to download any time you need a proof of stay

Download Chargeback Reports

Get personalized chargeback reports and make sure 100% of your guests pay for their stay. 

The report includes data you’ve collected, such as email, phone number, ID, signed rental agreement, etc. It also shows guest’s IP address, type of phone used, location coordinates, smart lock devices history and more. 

Chargeback Report Example
Download a Chargeback Report Example
Guest Screening and Verification S7 Image

Embedded Verification Partners

Enso Connect includes a basic photo ID capture system – no verification happens from Enso Connect.

However, with a single click you can select one of our white label partners: Autohost or SuperHog. They add more verification settings, such as background checks, sex offender checks, AI fraud detection, and much more!


Learn more about SuperhogLearn more about Autohost

Curious to learn more? Speak with our team

Revoke access to your property even after the verification approval

Revoke Guest Access Even After the Approval!

Have you ever approved the verification, but then realized you couldn’t have the guest over for whatever reason? But you already sent them the check-in instructions! Simply revoke the Boarding Pass and we will notify the guest. 

Automate and customize your guest verification by booking channel

Add Conditions to Your Verification

Customize each verification setting based on properties, channels, guests, and more!

For example, you can set a condition to not check IDs and not charge a fee for bookings coming from the Airbnb channel. While for the ones, coming from – set to automatically check IDs with Autohost, have a rental agreement and collect a security deposit.

Protect your property from bad guests

Security Deposits & Damage Waivers

Protect your rental property, prevent disputes and deal with accidental damage quickly and efficiently.

Collect a refundable security deposit or a non-refundable damage waiver before your guests check in.

Guest Screening Section 4 v2

Rental Agreements in 200+ Languages

Define and protect both your and your guests’ rights and responsibilities during their stay in your property.

Your guests speak a different language? We’ve got you covered! Our rental agreements are available in 200+ languages.

Collect more guest data and drive direct bookings
Make more money with upsells

Protect your hospitality business

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