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Unified Communications

Unified Inbox

Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Airbnb – all in one inbox, under your control.

  • Consolidate your communication with guests
  • Improve performance with AI: predictive responses, context analysis, and sentiment analysis
  • Never miss a booking or upsell opportunity with smart automation
Enso Connect's unified inbox for efficient guest communication

Take control of your guest messaging

Unified Inbox, the extensive functionalities

Email messages in Enso Connect's unified inbox

Email Messages

Send and receive emails from the Enso unified inbox. Use your @ensoconnectmail email address or connect your real email.

Airbnb messages in Enso Connect's unified inbox

Airbnb & OTA Channel Messages

Send Airbnb and channel messages directly from the Enso Connect inbox.

SMS messages in Enso Connect's unified inbox

SMS Messages

Send and receive SMS messages. Use a default random number or configure a managed phone number to message guests. 

Guests can only respond using their specific phone number, i.e the guest’s friend cannot text you on their behalf.

Automate messages with multi-language, auto-translate and custom tag options.

WhatsApp messages in Enso Connect's unified inbox


Send and receive WhatsApp messages, which functions similarly to SMS.

Send WhatsApp messages to any guest with a phone number.

Automate your WhatsApp messages with templates.

Request a demo with us to see how it works.

Inbox search feature in Unified Inbox

Inbox search and management

Manually mark a guest message as answered or unread. Display either all messages or only unread/unanswered ones with filters. Other filters are also available.

Saving phone numbers in Enso Connect's unified inbox

Dedicated Phone Number

Have an option to purchase dedicated phone numbers that you are able to display and share with guests. 

Contact us to learn how to purchase a phone number.

Assigning users in Enso Connect's unified inbox

Assigned Users

Automatically assign the first person to reply to a guest message to that guest. Filter messages by assigned users in order to ensure continuity of conversations.

AI context analysis in Enso Connect's platform

AI Message Analysis

Control, automate and personalize your guest communication with the insights from our AI. New messages are analyzed by EnsoAI to extract sentiment, message and question types, and additional context upon syncing.

How custom automations work

Custom Automations and Workflows

Our highly configurable automations, based on “If this then that” logic, enable specific actions triggered by predefined conditions, enhancing efficiency. This can be used throughout the guest journey, leveraging stay and guest data for a personalized,  hands-off experience, enhancing guest satisfaction.

AI-Generated Replies

Generate customized responses for guest queries in more than 50 languages in a snap. Using your account data, like past conversations, guidebooks, check-in steps, and upsells, EnsoAI crafts responses tailored to your property. Unlike generic internet replies, EnsoAI uses your property-specific information, ensuring authentic and human-like interactions. Simplify guest service with AI chatbot capabilities – effortlessly respond to queries with one click.

ai chatbot for airbnb

Simplify and Automate your guest messaging

Boost reviews, drive direct bookings and save housekeeping time with contactless checkout.
The Zapier of Hospitality – If this, then that!
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