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Boarding Pass

Personalized Upsells

Elevate your guest experience and boost revenue with upsells.

  • Make more money with upsell and cross-sell offers
  • 2-way sync flexible check-ins & checkouts with PMS
  • Provide upsells throughout the guest journey 
  • Configure the currency, price and more!
Automate and customize your hospitality upsells with Enso Connect

Double your revenue per guest with upsells

Vacation Rental Upsells in Numbers

Check out the vacation rental upsell numbers breakdown infographics. Read the full guide on vacation rental upsells.

The accommodation is 30% of your guests’ travel budget.
The average gross margin of a professional property manager is 25%.
The remaining 70% are spent on experiences. This is a potential ancillary/upsell revenue.
100% of ancillary/upsell revenue goes to the vacation rental manager.

How it works? 3 simple steps

Stripe integration to streamline your hospitality upsells


Connect your Stripe Account

Enso Connect's marketplace for upsells and on-demand experiences


Tailor your offers to your guests

Making more money with hospitality upsells


Make Money 

Are you leaving money on the table?

What makes our Upsell system unique?

Early check-in upsell prompt

Prompt Your Guests to Purchase

At check-in, before the verification, or whenever you define, our Boarding Pass will prompt guests to purchase add-ons to enhance their stay.

Early check-in upsell prompt

2-Way Sync Flexible Check-Ins and Checkouts

Automatically update check-in and check-out times based on the guest’s purchases both in Enso Connect and in your PMS (depending on the PMS).

Early check-in request approval

Manage Approvals Manually or Automatically

Set notifications to your phone, reminding you to approve or deny upsells. Or automatically approve purchases and receive a notification once payment has been completed.

Customize your hospitality upsells with different currencies

Manage Currency and Price Settings

Change the currency and price settings for properties individually, or in bulk. Whether it’s a per night fee, a flat fee, or a per pet per night – you name it we have it!

Personalize your hospitality upsells for each guest

Customize Your Upsells

Craft attractive and highly converting upsell offers. Include impressive descriptions, videos and photos to get your guests excited about the add-on experiences. 

Automated workflows in hospitality upsells

Set Up Smart Automations

Create simple rules, If This Then That, to automate and personalize your upsells.  

Stripe accounts for hospitality upsells

Connect Multiple Stripe Accounts

We understand the importance of configuration; every business is different. Speak to your onboarding representative to connect multiple stripe accounts to a single Enso Connect account.

Design your hospitality upsells

Upsell Revenue

How the money lands in your pocket

Payment Structure v4

Who gets the cut? YOU DO!

With competition it costs you 10%

With Enso Connect your guest pays 5%

Increase revenue with upsells

Reduce fraud and risk in hospitality
Make more money with affiliate links and local partners
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