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SUPERHOG combines intelligent screening (Know Your Guest™) with automatic damage protection. It is delivered as a SaaS solution for the vacation rental industry, that integrates seamlessly with your booking journey. With SUPERHOG, you can be confident that your guests are who they say they are and rest easy knowing your properties are protected.

SUPERHOG guest verification enables a growing ecosystem of hosts, operators and guests to make their online activity safer. It provides a tech-based AI-supported toolkit including biometric recognition, ID verification, Know Your Guest™  checks, automated deposit and damage waiver collection. SUPERHOG offers an insurance-backed guarantee that provides protection in relation to property damage caused by guests up to $5,000,000.

Why Enso Connect + SUPERHOG

Our dynamic software allows SUPERHOG’s screening technology (Know Your Guest TM) and damage protection services to be integrated into your digital customer journey at guest verification stage

How it works for you

When setting your guest verification process you will be able to:

  • choose a verification provider 
  • collect guest data 
  • define your rules customized by channel, property, etc. 

[For example] if the booking channel is not AirBnB you will want to add an extra layer of guest screening and damage protection, while keeping it lighter on the AirBnB bookings.

  • automate the procedures, e-signature contract requests, etc.

How it works for your guests 

Your guests, following the digital path in our Boarding Pass guest app, will be able to: 

  • submit required documents online 
  • choose between a safety deposit and a damage waiver fee
  • pay all fees remotely 
  • proceed to online check-in within minutes skipping wait times, lines and back-and-forth scramble    

Together with SUPERHOG guest verification we’ll smoothly get your guests to the next stage of their journey, while eliminating risks and protecting your property.

No OnBoarding Fees and 1-Click Enable with SUPERHOG


ID Collection

ID collection and database searching

  • Guest detail capture
  • ID verification
  • Biometric validation
  • Database checks

$2 CAD

per booking

ID Collection & Guarantee

ID Collection and damage protection up to $5,000,000

  • Email verification
  • Mobile verification
  • Address verification
  • Payment card validation
  • Counter fraud check
  • CCJ check
  • Insolvency check
  • $5,000,000 Host Guarantee

$15 CAD

per booking

“I have worked in the short-term rental industry for over 7 years. Our success is predicated on the trust between owner and guest but unfortunately, that can’t be guaranteed. Working with SUPERHOG has provided us with a solution that gives peace of mind to owners and guests alike.”

William ParryCo-Founder of ALTIDO

“As a technology company representing thousands of units, the safety of our guests and hosts is of paramount importance to us. SUPERHOG is a fantastic technology partner powered by incredible humans. They are at the forefront of the digital revolution happening in the hospitality industry.”

Emmanuel LavoieCEO of Jetstream Hospitality

“The vacation rental community continues to produce new and innovative tools to make operations easier for property managers. For us, SUPERHOG is the most useful tool in the vacation rental industry.”

Stefan HoffelnerCo-Founder of Your Airhost
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