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How it works? 3 simple steps

Smart Locks Step 1 V3


Connect your smart lock account

Smart Locks Step 2 V3


Pair your properties with the correct locks

Smart Locks Step 3 V3


Create a contactless smart lock check-in experience

Get started today!

What makes our Smart Lock system unique?

Codes are generated automatically in the Boarding Pass.

Once your account is connected and paired to a property, you don’t need to worry about anything. Smart Lock codes and lock/unlock functionality will be set up in the check-in step automatically.

Managing multiple locks remotely

Multiple locks for a single property

Configure your locks to meet your business requirements. From connecting multiple locks to a single property, or one lock to multiple properties; make it easy for the guest to access the property.

Smart Locks Manage Devices V2

Manage device status

Proactively know what needs to be resolved to ensure a smooth contactless check-in experience for your guests.

An alert received by the host when a smart lock is used

Receive alerts

Receive alerts via SMS or Email about any device status to proactively manage your contactless check-in experience.

Lock and unlock remotely

Lock or unlock your properties from anywhere in the world.

Smart Locks Lock Remotely V2

Temporary codes

Create temporary codes for your property, and give it a name. Need a smart lock access code for maintenance between specific dates? No problem.

Smart Locks Temp Codes V2

Permanent codes

Create permanent codes for your team and assign codes to specific team members. Track usage of that code over time.

Smart Locks Perm Codes V2

Device history

Track device history for all of the times the locks were used.

Smart lock device history in Enso Connect

How do smart locks work?

Supported systems and devices

We built Enso Connect to be completely hardware agnostic while providing reliable, secure, and consistent operations.

Below is a list of supported devices and systems. Not seeing your system? Feel free to reach out to us for integration requests.

Frequently asked questions

When do you program the lock codes?

What happens if the lock code fails?

Can I get a notification if there is a problem with smart locks?

When does the code expire for the guest?

What happens if a guest purchases a late checkout?

What happens if I revoke the Boarding Pass?

Elevate your guest experience with smart locks

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