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Enso Connect + Minut integration

A new level of seamless noise control for hospitality professionals

Tired of handling noise complaints as you expand your property portfolio? Leave noise issues behind with Enso Connect and Minut integration.

Include Minut smart sensors in your automated workflows to streamline operations and enhance guest experience.

Unlock growth with Enso Connect + Minut

How property managers benefit from the integration

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Streamline your noise management and guest communication

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Deal with noise issues immediately and effectively 24/7

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Protect your property, delight guests and be a good neighbour, while maintaining a lean team

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Turn up the volume on your business growth, not on noise complaints

How does the Enso Connect + Minut integration work?

Through this integration, hospitality professionals can effortlessly incorporate noise management into their digital guest journey and day-to-day operations. 

Using Enso Connect’s “If this Then That” principle, operators can automate and personalize guest communication, effectively preventing noise issues. From now on they can consolidate all noise-related messaging in their Enso Connect unified inbox. 

Users can choose how to reach out to their guests – whether through email, text, WhatsApp, or other channels. Personalize communication based on guests’ language and preferences, harness the power of AI-generated quick replies, and prioritize messaging in unified inbox.

About Minut

Minut is a Swedish Tech company, helping hosts be good neighbors. The company built a privacy-forward hardware solution that helps vacation rental managers “keep an eye” on their properties without trampling over guests’ privacy. 

Minut is your co-host that cares for your home, guests and community. 

The Minut sensor monitors noise, occupancy, motion and temperature in rental properties, helping hosts prevent parties, enhance guest experience and protect their homes, without sacrificing guest privacy. With powerful automations and integrations, Minut empowers property managers to grow their businesses while keeping operations lean.

Minut Device

Making the Enso Connect + Minut integration work for YOU

With Enso Connect and Minut noise monitoring solution short-term rentals can resolve noise issues immediately without a zero effort from their team.

In Enso Connect you can configure workflows, triggered by specific noise events detected by Minut smart home sensor.

  • When the noise event occurs, send a kind house rules reminder

  • If the noise continues, send an alert

  • Translate the messages into the guest preferred language (150 languages available)

  • Choose the way you want to reach out to your guest – via email, text message, WhatsApp, Airbnb messages, etc.

It’s “Set it and forget it” without worrying about neighbor complaints, property damage or privacy of your guests.


How long does it take to implement Enso Connect + Minut integration in my business?

Our integration allows all Enso-connected users with Minut Pro accounts to set up their customized automated messages right in their Guest Journey Editor in minutes.

Will connecting Minut device to Enso Connect interfere with any other connections I have (ie. PMS)?

No. However, the user needs to make sure that there is no duplication in automated messages. You can either set up your automated messages in your PMS or use AI-powered Enso Connect unified inbox for noise management.

How much does it cost?

You can find Enso Connect pricing information here and Minut pricing here. Get in touch with our team for a personalized pricing quote.

Make the Enso Connect + Minut integration work for YOU

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