Introducing Boarding Pass

One App, One Journey, Many happy guests.

Your Branding

Choose your colors, your logos, your branding, even your social media links.

Your Rules

Set conditions to customize interactions with your guests to meet their specific needs and the needs of your business.

Your Remarkable Guest Experience

Create a clear, quick and touchless path for your guests from booking to check-out and beyond.

Security Verification

Risky reservations can lead to disruptive parties, damage, noise complaints, liability issues and even criminal activity. Avoid risks by screening your guests ahead of time.

Ensure the safety of your business, while collecting valuable information, allowing you to personalize your guests’ stay.

  • Security deposit collection
  • Credit card hold
  • Damage waiver
  • Guarantee & Insurance
  • Multi-lingual agreements
  • GDPR compliant data collection
  • ID verification
  • Fraud detection

Remote Check-in

Provide easier and faster check-in for your guests, while freeing up your staff to do what only humans can – create an outstanding hospitality experience.

  • Step by step check-in instructions
  • Smart lock integrations
  • 2-way synchronization with PMS for check-in data
  • Digital access codes
  • Multi-door access control

Custom Upsells

Maximize profit from your rental portfolio by offering travelers additional services. Let your guests enjoy the amenities of a high-end hotel with the personal touch of a homeowner, while increasing revenue per customer.

  • Early-check-in payment
  • Early-check-in 2-way sync with PMS
  • Late-check-out payment
  • Late-check-out 2 way sync with PMS
  • Room upgrades
  • Custom upsells set up and payments 
  • Custom pricing logic for upsells
  • Description of upsells with pictures & videos

Digital concierge

Virtually assist your guests with everything they need for a joyful stay. Instantly provide additional services and amenities on demand. Connect to dozens of service providers to streamline restaurant reservations, equipment rental, and taxi bookings to create a seamless experience.  

  • Connected experiences from 50+ partners
  • Direct connection of address for one-click ride requests
  • Condition based personalization

Personalized Guides

Make your guests feel comfortable in your space. Provide a quick and easy way to learn about your property. Facilitate an ideal digital guest experience for travelers, while saving time and reducing questions asked.

  • FAQs
  • Property guide
  • Amenities manual
  • Neighbourhood guide

Messaging & Marketing

Enhance your guest communication with real time conversations and timed messages based on your conditions, such as time of booking, length of stay, actions taken, and any other valuable data you have collected to know your guests.

  • Unified inbox
  • Scheduled messaging for pre, during and post-stay
  • Auto responses
  • Condition-based messages
  • Send images, videos, PDFs
  • Predictive responses

See how Boarding Pass works for you & your guests

Connect with our team to receive a sample Boarding Pass link customized for your business

Thoughts from hospitality operators using Boarding Pass

This is something the industry has been waiting for. Getting customer emails, phone numbers, and other information is so critical if you want to take control and grow your hospitality business.

Wil SlickersHospitality Expert

It's so simple, you just put the information in your Boarding Pass (the Enso Team built it for us) and your guests have everything they need for checking in. I really like that it includes my logos, because it makes my business stand out, but also the step by step check-in process is a killer feature. I have not had a single call this week about check-ins.

BasamToronto Rentals - 50 + Listings

In our high-end rentals, the guest onboarding process is very thorough. Every property is unique and expensively furnished. We provide information about the houses with step-by-step instructions, as well as requesting guests to sign a contract. This has been a complicated process, and Enso's Boarding Pass simplified and organized it for us and our guests. No more back and forth emails and messages, we can focus on the luxury service we are known for.

JessicaSuper Host with 3 + listings

I've had the Boarding Pass for just a week and people have already mentioned it in the reviews! This is going to be the new norm for my business. Saved me time, and provides my guests with all the info they need before they arrive.

AlexHostGenius with 80 + listings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boarding Pass by Enso Connect used for?

Boarding Pass by Enso Connect is an ultimate tool for providing your guests with a seamless, quick and easy experience from booking to check-out and beyond. It combines the features and benefits of digital front desk, virtual concierge, interactive guidebook, control panel for smart locks and smart home devices, as well as upsells hub and marketing assistant. 

All the features can be automated and customized to the exact needs of the host, property manager or hotelier. They can introduce guests to the property, providing them with all essential information, verify visitors, sign agreements, offer upsells and accept payments, provide access to the property and monitor conditions of the stay.  

What’s the difference between Boarding Pass by Enso Connect and a digital guidebook?

While digital guidebooks are handy tools to reduce repeat questions and provide guests with the information they need for a great stay, they only cover one part of the complex system of interactions throughout the guest journey. 

Usually, to create a remarkable digital guest experience, operators would need to have four to five different softwares, such as an online check-in tool, guest verification and insurance provider, smart locks and devices integrator, digital guidebook, upsells hub, messaging app, all plugged-in to their PMS.   

With Enso Connect being a complete guest experience platform, our Boarding Pass reduces the need for multiple solutions, working smoothly with PMS and other partners.

How long does it take to create a Boarding Pass?

Depending on the number of listings and whether the operator has a PMS or not, creating and setting up a Boarding Pass account varies from 3 days to 1 month.

How much does it cost to use the Boarding Pass by Enso Connect?

Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs and receive a quote for a guest experience solution tailored to your business.

Is there a trial period?

We have something better than a trial – a 30 days money back guarantee!

Connect with our team to get more details about this.

We work closely with every customer, setting up the account, building experiences and customizing the features to their needs. To start seeing benefits of the tool, it has to be set up and synced with the source of your data.

Is there a setup fee?

Our setup fee is the cost associated with tailoring customized experiences for specific needs of the customer. Researching, educating and supporting all the way until the moment, when the guest experience process is set on autopilot.

Is there any training/onboarding process? How long is it?

Our onboarding process is fully streamlined. Jump on a demo call with one of our guest experience architects to see if it works for you. 

Once you’re ready to be enso-connected, we will share the onboarding link to create your account in seconds. After your account is created, we have three training sessions to help you succeed.

Get started now!

Do I get support in case I have questions or need to troubleshoot??

Our team, headquartered in Toronto, is available during work hours. We also have an emergency contact for cases we don’t want to think about but are ready to help anytime.

Does Boarding Pass work with my existing PMS?

We are integrated with the leading and most popular PMS operators on the market. The team is currently working on new integrations, growing the partner list every month. Please see the list of our current and upcoming partners here. 

Can I use a Boarding Pass if I don’t have a PMS?

Yes, you will be able to create a Boarding Pass account and create links for your listings with the Basic plan. In order to connect smart locks, process payments and perform guest verification, as well as to be able to create custom experiences, you need a PMS connection and a Premium plan.  

Is it a mobile app or web app?

Boarding Pass is a web app. It doesn’t require downloading apps and updates, not taking up space on guests’ smartphones. 

Can I manage upsells from the Boarding Pass?

You can facilitate upsells, such as early check-in and late check out, breakfast, pool heating, etc. Thanks to our partner Mount you are able to offer and earn on rental amenities, such as electric scooters, bikes, golf and beach equipment, etc. 

We have a Stripe payment integration, allowing hosts to receive payments in seconds.

Can I message with guests in real time from the Boarding Pass?

Once you have an Enso account connected to your PMS, you can communicate with your guests through email, text messages, WhatsApp and AirBnB messages.

Can I control smart locks and devices from the Boarding Pass?

Once you have an Enso account integrated with your PMS, you can connect your smart locks and other smart home devices and control them right from the Boarding Pass.

Can I send agreements to guests with the Boarding Pass?

A short-term lease agreement can be included in the Boarding Pass as one of the guest onboarding steps. Operators can automate the process, sending different agreements according to predefined rules. For example, big groups vs individuals or guests booking on Airbnb vs other channels.

Is the process of guest data collection GDPR compliant?

We have an opt-in message on the guest details form to keep your marketing compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. You can customize the form with any questions you want to ask your guests.

Our door is always open for a chat and any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!