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Lodgify and Enso Connect

Why Lodgify and Enso Connect integration?

It’s a perfect combo to run an efficient tech-enabled hospitality business at scale.

Your business, your rules.

You love Lodgify and want a streamlined fully-digital experience for your team and guests, customized for YOUR business? 

Enso Connect seamlessly plugs into Lodgify to and personalize and monetize your guest experience.

Start monetizing your guest experience now.

How Lodgify users benefit from the integration

With Enso Connect’s dynamic operation system you can run your hospitality business by YOUR rules, at YOUR pace and with YOUR personal touch. We connect with best-in-class partners, automate and customize your flows to create a seamless experience for you and your guests. 

Automate, customize and personalize guest verification, contactless check-in and checkout, upsells, marketing and more!

Our AI works for your business, increasing inquiry to booking conversion, reducing response times, eliminating human error, preventing bad reviews and identifying which areas of your business require more attention.

Our Boarding Pass helps you build a remarkable guest experience. This web-based guest super app is defragmenting guest onboarding, in-stay and post-stay interactions. It replaces seven different pieces of digital experience software in one, your own branded guest portal. 

Simply send the link to your guests and let the Boarding Pass lead them through the journey from booking to checkout.

Enso Connect allows you to make more money with personalized upsells and diversify your revenue streams with affiliate marketing

Let your guests book upsells directly from the Boarding Pass, before or during the stay. They can pay immediately with the integration to Stripe.

Some of our users double their revenue per guest with upsells! 

How does the Enso Connect + Lodgify integration work

How does the integration with Lodgify work? 

It’s a seamless plug-in connection. We two-way sync booking updates, guest names, emails, etc. 

Synching all of the information allows for a fully streamlined onboarding process. This creates a symbiotic system with Lodgify, focused on delivering a great guest experience.

About Lodgify

Lodgify is a vacation rental software with an all-in-one solution that allows owners and property managers to easily create their own vacation rental website and accept online bookings. Owners can manage all reservations from one place and synchronize property data with their booking channels. Whether you own a single vacation rental or manage 500+ vacation properties, Lodgify has the right tools for you to increase your online bookings and simplify the management of your business.

Lodgify Customer Testimonials

“The ease of use is really important to me. It was easy to set up and modify to fit my needs. I liked the design of the software and the functionality.”

Joy B

“Relatively simple to use. I was able to set up my site and reservation system in less than a week. Site works extremely well on mobile devices (which is huge). I am starting to get a lot of direct online bookings which is amazing. Gives me time to worry about running my business and expanding the website instead of doing all the manual processes associated with bookings”

Deanna Q

“Lodgify has helped me set up a direct booking website, using their widgets that work on my WordPress site. It has helped me grow beyond relying on only one channel for my bookings, to being able to sync my calendar across several channels.”

Julie R
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