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Guest Journey Editor

Guest Journey Editor

Real personalization set up in minutes

  • Configure every step of your guest journey
  • Customize your guest experience
  • Set up complex rules that meet your business needs

Build custom guest journeys with easy, quick set-up

Build your Guest Experience in minutes

Booking confirmed

Send a confirmation message and include your Boarding Pass for a perfect stay.

Guest verification

Create a non-intrusive verification process to protect your property.

Pre check-in

Build anticipation and set the tone for your guests’ stay. Monetize this opportunity for your business, while increasing guest satisfaction. 


Deliver on a seamless digital check-in experience, with or without smart locks. 

Personalized upsells

You know why your guests are here, you know who they are. Leverage this data to increase your margins

Personalized guidebooks

It’s not just about money, but also about creating a personal connection with your guests. Provide information to elevate their stay and give them a reason to come back. 


Streamline the checkout process for both your guests and your cleaning team. Provide clear instructions and add efficiencies to the process. 

Post stay

Why remind every guest to leave a review? Handpick your champions to give you the glowing 5-star reviews you deserve!

How it works

See how you can craft the most configurable guest experience, easily integrate your current apps, and go live in no time with our new intuitive Guest Journey Editor.

Hospitality professionals love our onboarding experience

Set up unique guest journeys and go live quickly!

One App, One Journey, Many happy guests.
Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Airbnb – all in one inbox, under your control.
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