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Dormakaba Smart Locks

Simplify your check-in process and enhance security with Dormakaba.

Elevate guest experience and optimize operations in your short-term rentals through smart connected systems. Enso Connect facilitates contactless check-in and keyless access control with best solutions. We’ve checked out the popular Dormakaba smart door locks, and are happy to have them available in our device panel.

In this article you will learn:

  • The features and benefits provided by Dormakaba locks.
  • Our recommended Dormakaba lock models
  • An analysis of their pros and cons.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Expected battery life.
  • Level of security they deliver.

Discover the Dormakaba Oracode Locks Family

Dormakaba’s Oracode locks are a game-changer for enhanced security and convenience in vacation rentals. You can manage your vacation rental or short-term rental property from anywhere with Oracode.

This web-based remote access solution is easy-to-use and will make granting access to your property simple. Seamlessly integrating with your Enso Connect smart device panel, this web-based remote access solution will make granting access to your property simple. Oracode uses time-sensitive codes for an electronic pushbutton lock to manage access to your rental property.

Oracode uses time-sensitive codes for an electronic pushbutton lock to manage access to your rental property. Since codes can be given days, months or a year in advance, there is no need to store or distribute keys or keycards to guests, staff or vendors. Guests receive personalized entry codes in advance via Enso Connect’s user-friendly Boarding Pass, allowing them to access the property hassle-free.

Customize the Boarding Pass to match your brand and take advantage of additional features like guidebooks and revenue-boosting add-ons. The most popular upsells you can offer with the remote lock connectivity are early check-ins and late check-outs.

Electronic Keyless Door Locks

Dormakaba Oracode 480i Keyless Lock

Oracode 480i

The Oracode door lock 480i is a keyless lock designed for the vacation rental market, offering a scalable secure access solution. It allows property managers to issue time-sensitive unique codes. It also integrates with smart home solutions for efficient property operation, reducing energy costs and improving security. The lock is durable, weather-resistant, and provides web-based access control for easy code generation and management. Supports multiple user levels, offers a 24/7 check-in, eliminating the need for physical keys and enhancing guest and staff convenience.

  • Access Code: Program access codes to unlock
  • Offline Mode: Program access codes even if offline
  • Enso Connect Dashboard Compatible: Manage with Enso Connect Dashboard
  • Schedules: Program temporary codes for guests
  • Battery Powered: Requires batteries for operations
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Oracode 660

Oracode 660 keyless locks facilitate secure, efficient property access for staff, vendors, and guests through web-based, time-sensitive user codes. This solution is ideal for vacation rental homes, corporate housing, and conference rooms. It offers features like climate-extreme durability, ANSI A156.25 compliance, and the capability to grant unique access for up to 128 users. It eliminates the need for physical key management, simplifies installations, and enhances security while being maintenance-friendly.

  • Access Code: Program access codes to unlock
  • Enso Connect Dashboard Compatible: Manage with Enso Connect Dashboard
  • Schedules: Program temporary codes for guests
  • Battery Powered: Requires batteries for operations

Streamline your check-in and create an unforgettable guest experience with ease

What does Enso Connect recommend?

Enso Connect supports all of the mentioned door locks, but we encourage everyone to reach out to our team to ensure your exact lock model is able to connect with Enso.

Let’s take a look at why, and what we recommend:

Look for a lock with a long battery life

We strongly advise choosing a smart lock with an extended battery life. Opting for a lock that offers prolonged battery longevity guarantees continuous operation and reduces the frequency of battery replacements. Both Oracode locks use three alkaline batteries that provide approximately two to three years of operation before batteries need replacing. This information is taken from the official Dormakaba group documentation. This is why our hospitality professionals trust these access control solutions.

Push button vs touchscreen

The use of push buttons gets better feedback for their user-friendly design. With push buttons, guests can enter the access code effortlessly without any additional steps, ensuring a seamless experience. In contrast, touchscreens require guests to activate them by placing their palm over the screen, which may cause confusion for those unfamiliar with the process. Both reviewed models offer a the push buttons design.

Key override is a good idea

When selecting a smart lock, it is highly recommended to opt for one that incorporates a keyhole as a backup feature, ensuring you’re prepared for any Wi-Fi outages or battery issues. The presence of a keyhole guarantees an alternative method of access, unaffected by technological glitches. Whether faced with unstable Wi-Fi connectivity or unexpected battery depletion, the keyhole serves as a reliable solution, empowering you to maintain control over entry and uphold the security of your property. The Oracode locks are equipped with an emergency key override and include a bump resistant core.

How to install?

Install Oracode 480i and Oracode 660 locks by mounting on the door, then connect to the web for code management.  Then configure settings according to the property’s needs. Detailed instructions, including necessary tools, hardware setup, and programming, are provided with the locks. For comprehensive installation guides, it’s essential to refer to the specific user manuals available on the Dormakaba website. You can also contact their customer support for assistance.

What are the pros and cons of Dormakaba smart locks?


Enhanced Security

Time-sensitive access codes improve security by eliminating physical keys.

Ease of Access Management

Web-based management systems allow for efficient code distribution and management.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Suitable for various environments and weather conditions, ensuring longevity.

Smart Home Integration

Offers convenience and potential for energy savings.


Nuanced Installation

The installation process requires careful attention and some level of technical expertise. A detailed guidance is available on the company’s website and with the support team.

Dependence on Internet

Some features may require an internet connection, limiting functionality in poor connectivity areas.


Regular maintenance, such as battery replacement, is necessary.

Is the Dormakaba smart lock worth it?

We believe that the Dormakaba smart access control solution is a great fit for rental property management, and here’s why:


Locks use time-sensitive codes for access, offering traceable transactions and unique access for various user types, ensuring accountability and security.


The system eliminates physical keys, simplifying entry with time-specific codes and reducing the need for physical check-ins, which streamlines operations.


Designed for extreme environments, these locks feature vandal-resistant keypads and weather-proof finishes, ensuring durability and reliability.

Seamless Integration

The Oracode smart locks integrate effortlessly with Enso Connect, allowing users to create a connected and convenient ecosystem.

Dormakaba Oracode 660i

Do Dormakaba locks need WiFi?

The Dormakaba Oracode locks do not specifically require WiFi for their core functionality. They operate using web-based systems for code management, which implies needing internet access for some administrative tasks, but not necessarily continuous WiFi connectivity for lock operation.

The system supports Offline Mode, meaning that the program can access codes even if offline.

Are Dormakaba locks safe and secure?

Designed to increase security at properties, the Oracode system manages a temporary user’s access control privileges. With the ability to record all transactions in the lock and on the web, accountability is clear.

• Codes are generated through a high-security server on the Internet

• Transactions at the lock or web application are traceable

• The system grants unique access for up to 128 different user types

• Valid codes automatically expire at the end of the authorized period

• The lock has the capacity to retain audit trail events, including the time and date of the last 5,000 events

• Locks are equipped with an emergency key override and include a bumpresistant core

Guest Verificaton: Enso Connect adds an extra layer of protection by implementing a verification process, ensuring that door codes are only released to verified guests. This helps to enhance security and reduce the risk of unauthorized access, providing peace of mind for Hospitality professionals.

How long do batteries last in Dormakaba locks?

The battery life of Dormakaba locks can vary depending on factors such as usage frequency, environmental conditions, etc.

Both Oracode locks use three alkaline batteries that provide approximately two to three years of operation before batteries need replacing. 

Enso Connect’s updated smart device dashboard provides battery level indicators to keep users informed about the remaining battery life. Regularly monitoring the battery status and replacing them as needed ensures uninterrupted operation of the locks.

Can you hack Dormakaba Locks?

Dormakaba locks, like any mobile device, are not immune to potential hacking attempts. However, Dormakaba has implemented multiple security measures to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. They employ industry-standard encryption protocols and security practices to protect communication between the lock and the mobile app.

Over the years, Dormakaba has built a reputation for quality and reliability, and its smart locks and access control systems are used in a wide range of commercial and residential buildings, including office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and apartment buildings. The company has also won numerous industry awards for its products and services.

What if the Dormakaba lock fails and guests can't check in?

In the rare event of an Dormakaba lock failure that prevents guests from checking in, it is crucial to have contingency plans in place to ensure a smooth guest experience. Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Secondary Smart Lock: Enso Connect can manage multiple smart locks per property, even from differing brands, so install a smart lock on your back door for the rare instances that your front door lock decides not to function correctly.
  2. Have a Backup Key: Maintain a backup key option that can be provided to guests in case of any unforeseen lock failures or technical issues. This ensures that guests can still access the property even if the smart lock experiences a malfunction.
  3. 24/7 Support: Offer round-the-clock customer support to promptly address any issues that guests may encounter. Have a dedicated support team available to assist guests in case of lock failures or difficulties during the check-in process. In some cases you may want to use the auto-unlock feature to remotely let your guests in.
  4. Remote Troubleshooting: If possible, attempt to troubleshoot the lock remotely by guiding guests through potential solutions via phone or app. This may involve restarting the lock or attempting to resolve any connectivity issues.
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