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Revolutionize Guest Communications, move faster, and create personalized content in seconds with our GPT-4 integration

Enso AI integration with ChatGPT-4

Save Time with AI Replies

Responding to guests can take up a lot of time. Mistakes can be made in your teams which can create long response times. Enso Connect’s latest OpenAI integration uses GPT-4 technology to provide automatic or suggested replies to make responding to guests instant. Responses are unique to each guest and makes communication extremely simple.

AI suggested and automated responses
Generating personalized recommendations with AI

Create Custom Content in Seconds

EnsoAI gives hosts and hoteliers the power to create content that is in-line with their brand tone, image and guest personas. Deliver high-quality and personalized content for anything from vacation rental service recommendations, upgrade offers, events, local tips and way more with just a few clicks.

AI-Driven Revenue Opportunities

With EnsoAI vacation rental managers and hoteliers can harness the power  of AI to create upsells effortlessly. That’s right – launch new upsells and unlock revenue opportunities in just a few seconds.

Creating hospitality upsells with AI
Prioritizing messages in AI-driven unified inbox

AI-Powered Inbox Priority

Get to what’s important first. Our integration to GPT-4, combined with all of your PMS integrated data allows the Enso Connect inbox to prioritize messages and tasks automatically based on urgency – sentiment and guest status (checked-in or checked out). Save time for your teams and become more efficient.

How does Enso AI work with GPT-4? 

Enso Connect’s GPT-4 integration lets you build configurable guest journeys, creating personalized content directly inside GPT-4. This saves hospitality professionals the time and hassle of context switching. All they need to do is simply request a task such as writing, translating, summarizing, analyzing and more with just one click using Enso AI. GPT-4 will seamlessly perform the requested task directly in the platform, saving operators’ valuable time and effort. 

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