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Kwikset Smark Locks

Upgrade your check-in process and enhance security with keyless self-check-in using smart locks. At Enso Connect, we specialize in assisting property owners and managers in implementing smart connected systems.

After reading this, you’ll understand:

  • Kwikset lock features.
  • Our recommended Kwikset locks and their advantages.
  • The ease of installation.
  • Battery life.
  • Level of security provided.

Find your Kwikset lock

Search the list of Kwikset lock models live in our system to see if you can add them to your Enso Connect dashboard

Introducing Kwikset Locks: Elevate Security and Convenience

Improve the security and convenience of your property with Kwikset locks, seamlessly integrating with your property management system (PMS) and smart devices through Enso Connect. These advanced locks offer unique access codes for guests, valid only during their stay, ensuring restricted access at other times. Rest easy knowing you can remotely control the locks, eliminating concerns about guests forgetting to secure the door.

Kwikset locks are a perfect match for your needs, supporting both deadbolts and levers, making them compatible with standard doors across North America.

With Enso Connect’s user-friendly Boarding Pass, guests receive their entry codes in advance, customized to reflect your brand. This streamlined process allows guests immediate access upon arrival. Additionally, the Boarding Pass enables you to share guidebooks, generate extra revenue through late check-in and check-out options, and provide personalized upsells. Elevate the guest experience and maximize your property’s potential with Kwikset locks through Enso Connect.

Streamline and digitize your check-in process to create a seamless and enjoyable guest experience.

Kwikset 250 Rolator Desktop

What does Enso Connect recommend?

Enso Connect is compatible with a wide range of door locks mentioned above. To ensure connectivity with your specific lock model, we recommend reaching out to our team for personalized assistance.

Let’s take a look at why, and what we recommend:

Look for a lock with a long battery life

When selecting a lock, it is highly recommended to prioritize finding one with a long battery life. A lock with extended battery life ensures reliable and uninterrupted performance, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements or unexpected lockouts. It provides peace of mind, especially for property owners or managers who may have multiple locks to maintain. By choosing a lock with a long-lasting battery, you can minimize maintenance efforts and enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of your security system.

Push button vs touchscreen

In general, we recommend push button locks over touchscreens for several reasons. Push button locks offer a more tactile and reliable user experience compared to touchscreens. With push button locks, users can physically feel the buttons and hear audible feedback, providing reassurance that the lock has been engaged correctly. Push button locks also tend to have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance compared to touchscreens, which can be prone to wear and damage over time.

Key overrides are a good idea

Opting for a lock that includes a key override is generally considered a wise decision. While keyless entry systems provide convenience and security, having a key override serves as a backup solution in case of technological malfunctions or emergencies. It allows you to access the property manually when needed, ensuring you are not locked out in situations such as power outages or system failures. A key override also offers flexibility by accommodating guests or individuals who may prefer traditional keys.

How to install?

The installation process for Kwikset smart locks is quick and straightforward. With just a screwdriver, you can easily fit the lock into most hardware, particularly if you’re installing it over existing holes in the door frame. To see how effortless it is to install the smart lock, check out this helpful video guide.

What are the pros and cons of Kwikset smart locks?


There are a lot of reasons to choose Kwikset locks, including:

  • Wide Variety: Kwikset offers a diverse range of lock options, including deadbolts, entry knobs, lever handles, smart locks, and electronic keypad locks, allowing you to choose the type that best suits your needs.
  • Easy Installation: Kwikset locks are designed for straightforward installation, often requiring just a screwdriver and fitting into standard door preparations, making it convenient for homeowners.
  • Rekeying Capability: Kwikset’s patented SmartKey Security technology allows homeowners to easily rekey their locks without professional assistance, providing flexibility and cost savings.
  • Smart Lock Features: Kwikset offers smart lock options that can be integrated with smart home systems, allowing convenient keyless entry, remote access control, and additional features like activity logs and temporary access codes.
  • Aesthetic Options: Kwikset locks come in a variety of finishes, such as polished brass, satin nickel, and bronze, providing options to match different home decor styles and preferences.
  • Integration: These locks easily integrate with Enso Connect and automations can be setup so that your guests only receive check-in instructions if they’re a verified guest.


  • Security Vulnerabilities: While Kwikset locks offer basic security features, some models have been susceptible to lock-picking techniques, requiring extra attention to ensure adequate security.
  • Battery Dependence: Smart lock models from Kwikset, which rely on electronic components, require batteries for operation. It is essential to monitor and replace batteries periodically to avoid lockouts.
  • Compatibility Limitations: While Kwikset locks are designed to fit standard door preparations, compatibility with non-standard or specialty doors may require additional adjustments or hardware.
  • Limited Connectivity: Compared to some other smart lock brands, Kwikset’s range of connectivity options and integrations with third-party platforms may be more limited, potentially limiting the smart home integration possibilities.
Kwikset Smartlock

Is the Kwikset smart lock worth it?

The worthiness of a Kwikset smart lock depends on your specific needs and preferences. At Enso Connect, it would not be our first choice of locks, but they do offer some great features for the pricepoint.

  • Convenience: Kwikset smart locks offer keyless entry, remote access control, and other convenient features that can enhance your daily routine and provide flexibility in managing access to your property.
  • Security: While Kwikset locks provide basic security features, it’s important to note that some models have been susceptible to lock-picking techniques. However, the SmartKey Security technology allows for easy rekeying, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Compatibility: Kwikset locks are designed to fit standard door preparations, making them relatively easy to install. However, it is essential to ensure compatibility with your specific door and hardware before purchasing.
  • Integration: Kwikset smart locks may have limited connectivity options and integrations with third-party platforms compared to some other smart lock brands.
  • Budget: Kwikset smart locks generally offer a range of options at different price points, making them more accessible for various budgets compared to some high-end smart lock brands.

Do Kwikset locks need WiFi?

No, Kwikset locks do not necessarily require Wi-Fi to function.

While Kwikset offers smart lock models that can be connected to Wi-Fi for additional features and remote access control, they also provide standalone electronic and keypad locks that operate without Wi-Fi connectivity. However, it’s important to review the specifications of the specific Kwikset lock model you are considering to determine if Wi-Fi connectivity is required or available as an option.

Are Kwikset locks safe and secure?

Kwikset locks are designed with safety and security in mind, offering various features to protect residential properties. Here are some key security features of Kwikset locks:

  1. SmartKey Security: Kwikset’s SmartKey Security technology provides enhanced resistance against lock-picking and bumping, making it more difficult for unauthorized access.
  2. Anti-Pick Pins: Kwikset locks are equipped with anti-pick pins that help prevent picking attempts by potential intruders.
  3. Hardened Steel Bolts: Kwikset locks feature hardened steel bolts that provide additional strength and durability, making it harder to force the lock open.
  4. Rekeying Capability: With Kwikset’s SmartKey Security, homeowners have the option to easily rekey their locks without professional assistance, offering convenience and the ability to maintain control over key access.

How long do batteries last in Kwikset locks?

The battery life of Kwikset locks can vary depending on several factors, including the specific model, usage frequency, and the type of batteries used.

On average, Kwikset locks with electronic components, such as smart locks or keypad locks, tend to have a battery life that can range from 3 – 8 months.

However, it’s important to note that frequent use, remote access control, and additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity can impact battery life.

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to monitor the battery levels regularly and replace the batteries promptly when they are running low. Kwikset usually provides low-battery alerts, either through audible beeps or visual indicators, to indicate when battery replacement is needed.

Can you hack Kwikset locks?

Like any electronic device, Kwikset locks are not entirely immune to potential security vulnerabilities. In the past, certain Kwikset lock models have been subject to specific hacking techniques, such as bypassing or decoding methods. However, it’s important to note that manufacturers like Kwikset continuously work to address and mitigate such vulnerabilities through firmware updates and improved security measures.

To enhance the security of your Kwikset lock, consider the following measures:

  1. Keep Firmware Updated: Ensure that your lock’s firmware is up to date by regularly checking for any available updates and promptly installing them.
  2. Use Strong Access Codes: If your Kwikset lock includes keypad functionality, choose strong and unique access codes to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.
  3. Follow Best Security Practices: Implement general security practices, such as regularly changing access codes, monitoring lock activity logs (if available), and practicing good physical security by ensuring doors and frames are properly reinforced.

What if the Kwikset lock fails and guests can't check in?

If a Kwikset lock were to fail, and guests are unable to check in to a vacation rental, it could result in an inconvenience for both the guests and the property owner. To address this potential situation, here are some steps that can be taken:

  1. Secondary Smart Lock: Enso Connect offers the ability to connect and manage multiple smart locks, even from different brands, through its platform. To ensure seamless access and prevent any inconveniences, we recommend setting up a backdoor with a smart lock as a contingency plan in case the front door lock encounters issues such as battery failure, damage, or malfunction, providing an alternative entry point for guests.
  2. Backup Key Option: Maintain a backup key system as a fail-safe measure. This allows for manual access to the property in case of lock malfunctions or other unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Emergency Contact: Provide guests with an emergency contact number that they can reach out to in case of any issues with the lock. This contact should be available 24/7 to assist with troubleshooting or dispatching assistance if needed.
  4. Remote Access Control: If the Kwikset lock is a smart lock that offers remote access control, property owners or managers can attempt to troubleshoot the issue remotely by sending temporary access codes to the guests or attempting to resolve the problem remotely through the lock’s associated mobile app or management system.
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