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Enso x Guesty 6

Enso Connect + Guesty Integration

AI-Powered Unified Messaging

Streamline communications with AI, elevate and monetize your guest experience

  • AI-Powered Unified Inbox: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Airbnb
  • Guest experience monetization with tailored upsells and affiliate links
  • Seamless guest journey from booking to checkout and beyond

How Guesty users benefit from the integration

Personalized Communication

AI-Powered Communication

Supercharge your guest communication with the power of AI and custom automations.

Answer quickly via email, text, WhatsApp, Airbnb. Tailor messages and interactions to individual guests, establish a strong connection and cater to their unique needs and preferences.

Increase Revenue

Enhance your guests’ stay with personalized add-ons, elevating their experience and generating additional revenue from each booking. Increase your earnings through custom upsellsaffiliate marketing, and local partnerships.

Increase revenue v2
Reduce fraud and charge backs

Reduce Fraud and Chargebacks

Protect your property, prevent damage and chargebacks, take control with bulletproof guest screening and verification. Seamlessly include third-party security solutions into your guest journey.

Boost Efficiency

Revolutionize Guest Communications, move faster, and create personalized content in seconds with EnsoAI.

Creating hospitality upsells with AI
Guesty Integration Graphic

How does the integration with Guesty work ?

It’s a seamless plug-in connection. We two-way sync all the information, including check-in and check-out times, custom fields, etc. 

Synching all of the information allows for a fully streamlined onboarding process. This creates a symbiotic system with Guesty, focused on delivering a great guest experience.

Introducing the new way to engage with your guests

About Guesty Property Management

Guesty is a hospitality operations and property management platform for short-term rentals.

Managing a hospitality business is complex. Guesty is your partner in making it easier. With an all-in-one platform, Guesty’s purpose-built technology optimizes and automates every aspect of your hospitality operations so you can save time, maximize revenue, and stay ahead of the curve. 

Our industry-wide expertise, large-scale R&D department of 200+ engineers, and technology-first approach ensures that hospitality businesses can streamline operations and achieve growth, all while delivering the best value to their guests. With a complete suite of features and more than 150+ industry partners, Guesty is transforming the hospitality industry with innovative solutions that help you succeed.  

Guesty support booking calendar

Customer Testimonials

“Integrating top-tier technology and exceptional human capital has been the key to our proven success, partnering with Enso Connect is a natural evolution that allows us to build on our digital guest experience.”

Veronique LalondeCo-founder & COO, Angelhost

“We spend less time responding to guest messages or pushing upsells. The app provides guests the answers they're looking for and the ancillary services we offer. We've found a reduction in time spent servicing guests and an increase in revenue from upsells on the Boarding Pass.”

Josh ReedOwner, Urban Stay

“We needed a One-Stop shop for all guest communication, like what Enso Connect offers with the Guest Journey. It’s about telling the story and the experience. I had looked at a few places, and while some checked off a few boxes, Enso Connect checked off 99% of them.”

Ashley BanksDirector of Guest Experience, Roami

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