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Create a digital hotel. Delight your guests with personalized contactless experience.

Empower your hospitality business with cutting-edge technology for increased efficiency, revenue and guest satisfaction

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Reimagine your guest journey

Booking Confirmation

Get the Guest Excited for their stay!

Send a confirmation message and include your Boarding Pass with essential information for a perfect stay.

Booking is confirmed
Send an SMS, Email, Whatsapp message to the guests containing the Boarding Pass link
Check-in instructions in boutique hotels

Offer worry-free travel with automated insurance options

Set up an automation to purchase a travel insurance policy upon a successful guest verification

Guest verification is completed
Send a webhook to AIG to automatically create a travel insurance for the Guest upon a successful guest verification
Protect your property from bad guests

Guest Verification & Data Collection

Verify your guests and collect valuable information for personalization

ID Verification – 3 options are available:

  • No verification required
    (for example, for returning guests)
  • First and Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Any fields you want, mandatory or not, for the guest to fill out.
  • For example, flight numbers and estimated arrival times, in case guests requested an airport pick up
  • Collect a photo ID and/or a selfie.
  • Use one of our verification partners, Autohost, Superhog, Paertee, for more security layers.
  • Add automated personalized agreements in your guests’ preferred language.
  • Add security deposits or damage waivers.
Guest contact details collection at the verification stage

Choose the level of protection based on the Booking Channel or other parameters

Create custom flows, adding a 3rd party verification, agreements and/or security deposit, only when it is needed. Add an extra security layer for direct bookings, last minute or suspicious requests, etc.

Booking channel is not Airbnb
Collect front and back ID

Once the verification is completed, the Guest can then access the Boarding Pass.

The check-in instructions are gated at your leisure and can be released within the delay you choose (1 day, 2 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes).

Automate and customize your guest verification by booking channel

Charge custom fees, security deposits or damage waivers

Maximize convenience and protection for you and your guests. Automate the process of charging a security deposit or damage waiver to guests based on the channel or property.

Let your guests choose the method of protection they prefer.

Add new revenue streams with pet fees or other custom fees of your choice.

Damage Waiver and Safety Deposit fees in the guest app

Remind guests that have not completed the information

Set up reminders for the Guests to fill out the Boarding Pass information to ensure all Guests complete these steps prior to their arrival at the resort:

Guest booking is confirmed
Verification is pending
Send an SMS, Email, Whatsapp message to the guests to remind them to fill in their details
Collecting essential guest information

Smooth the impact of flight delays with exceptional service

Use the flight information, collected during the verification process. Automatically notify guests of flight delays and ensure exceptional experience despite inconveniences. For example, by ensuring that the pickup will still occur or offering a complimentary refreshment upon arrival.

a tag (flight_delay) is added to the guest's reservation
Automatically send an update message to the guest

Pre Check-in

Set the tone for your guests’ stay

Send your guests a pre check-in message with your hotel rules, neighborhood guides and upsell offers.

Boutique hotels - happy guest

Monetize your pre check-in experience with upsells

Send personalized offers to your guests before they check-in and arrive at your hotel.

Use guest data and conditions to tailor offers to meet the unique needs of your guests without overwhelming them.

Upsells in boutique hotels

Contactless Check-in

Efficiently manage your multi-room digital check-in

We will group your hotel rooms with the same check-in instructions into listing groups. You can add step-by-step, picture-by-picture check-in instructions to the relevant groups.

When the check-in instructions are available to the Guests (at the time of your choice), a check-in button will be displayed in the Boarding Pass.

Contactless check-in with the Boarding Pass

Deliver on a high-tech low touch experience

When the check-in instructions are available to the Guests (at the time of your choice), a check-in button will be displayed in the Boarding Pass.

The guests simply follow the steps all the way to their room.

If the smart locks are directly integrated with Enso Connect, the Guest can open the door from the Boarding Pass and you will know that they are in.

Connect smart locks for contactless check-in

Elevate your boutique hotel digital guest experience

Contactless Checkout

Make tipping purely cashless

Make cashless tipping a standard for your Guests’ convenience and better tips for your staff.

guest checks out
offer a cashless tipping in addition to a SMS, WhatsApp, or email reminders

Add tip options for Guests to choose from: $20, $50, $100, etc.

Customize your hospitality upsells with different currencies

Increase highly satisfied review conversion

Receive 100% 5-star reviews by reminding the highly satisfied guests to leave their feedback right at the checkout.

the guest's sentiment is positive and higher
automatically send a review request

Send step-by-step checkout instructions, prompt to purchase a late checkout upsell, encourage guests to book directly on your website for next visits and much more!

Guest feedback collection in boutique hotels

Post Checkout

Get more returning guests

Use your guest data to drive repeat business. Segment the audience of your past guests and reach out at the right time with the right personalized offers.

guest last stayed 8 months ago
send a message about the one year stay anniversary coming up + discount

Streamline operations to say goodbye to hospitality labor shortages

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