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About Mews Property Management

Mews is a property management system designed to simplify and automate all operations for modern hoteliers and their guests.

From the booking engine to check-out, from front desk to revenue management, every process is easier, faster and more connected. And with the integrated Mews Payments ecosystem, every transaction is secure and seamless.

Why Enso Connect + Mews integration?

We share the vision of a hotel of the future, connected to original hospitality values and powered by technology. Personalized digital journeys for remarkable guest experience – this is exactly why Enso Connect exists. 

How Mews users benefit from the integration

With our dynamic operation system you can run your hospitality business by YOUR rules, at YOUR pace and with YOUR personal touch. We connect to your PMS to create a digital guest experience for you and your guests. 

Our AI works for your business, increasing inquiry to booking conversion, reducing response times, preventing bad reviews and identifying upsell opportunities.

Our Boarding Pass helps you build a remarkable digital experience for your guests. This web-based guest super app is defragmenting the onboarding, in-stay and post-stay interactions. It replaces seven different pieces of guest experience software in one-stop guest portal.

We offer Mews users a quick and easy connection to their PMS, thorough customer onboarding and responsive support.  

How does the Enso Connect + Lodgify integration work

How does the integration with Mews work 

It’s a seamless plug-in connection. We two-way sync all the information, including check-in times, check-out times, and custom fields, etc. 

For example, if someone purchases an upsell through the Boarding Pass, it will update in both Mews and Enso Connect. Synching all of the information allows for a fully streamlined and automated onboarding. It’s a symbiotic system with Mews, focused on delivering a digital guest experience.

Mews users get 30 days money back guarantee

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How The Laundry Rooms is redefining the high-end guest experience with 10% of the conventional hotel staff.

The Laundry Rooms luxury guest experience

Mews Customer Testimonials

“Mews is great because it benefits both our guests and our team. It simplifies the way we work and the way guests book and interact with us; it’s a real win win.”

Gillian BeareDirector, Finn Lough

“We want to provide the best hospitality for guests anywhere in the country, and Mews is definitely the right solution to help us achieve that goal.”

Kris DoyleGeneral Manager, Leven Manchester

“The whole customer journey has changed thanks to Mews. Guest satisfaction has increased and our team are very confident when booking guests in. Mews will make your life a nicer place to be.”

Richard CodgbrookOwner, The Gate Cornwall
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