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Unified Communications

Custom Automations and Workflows

The Zapier of Hospitality – If this, then that!

  • Transform your business with no-code automation; just like Zapier
  • Set up conditions to accommodate for different workflows
  • Configure automation by booking channel, guest sentiment, travel reason, and so much more!
Example of custom automations - guest verification stage

Find the sweet spot between technology and hospitality in your unique business

What are Automations & Workflows

Developed around the “If this then that” process, our Custom multi-lingual automations allow you to create a series of actions that only trigger if your set conditions are met. This can use used throughout the guest journey and takes advantage of all the data gathered from the stay and the guest, to create a hands-off, yet, personalized experience for the guest.

How custom automations work

Here are some of our favourites

Prevent Last minute Fraud


guest booking confirmed


last minute then verify with Superhog

Increase Positive Reviews


guest checks out


sentiment is greater than neutral


remind guest to leave a review

Get a notification about Upsells


Guest requests an upsell


send me a notification about the upsell to my cell phone

Increase Revenue with Fees


guest booking is confirmed


number of pets is great than 2


set a pet fee for $20 per pet

Be Proactive with your Guest Experience

1 days

after check-in


send message to guest to ask if everything went well with their first night

Increase Revenue with Upsells

3 Days

after check in


the length of stay is greater than 10 days


a midstay cleaning upsell

Control and Manage your Smart Locks


device is disconnected


maintenance a message

Save time in your operations


host requests guest re-verification


send a message to the guest to ask them to re-upload their ID

Craft your Own Guest Experience flow

Pick the “When”

The When acts as the trigger for an automation. When a specific event happens, we will begin an automation. This event can be guest related, your business related, or the device related!

Building automated workflows in Enso Connect - choosing the time condition

Pick the “If”

Now that the When has been defined, the event is scheduled. The if allows you to block the message from being sent ifspecific conditions have not been met.

Building automated workflows in Enso Connect - choosing the condition

Pick the “Then”

A trigger was created (”when”), the condition was met (”if”); now what? Now it’s time to perform an action (”Then”).

Building automated workflows in Enso Connect - choosing the action

Get started with no-code automations

Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Airbnb – all in one inbox, under your control.
Increase your inquiry-to-booking conversion with AI and custom automations.
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