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Unified Communications

AI Context Analysis

Improve your business with data.

  • Data-driven insights on your business
  • Know where to focus your time
  • Optimize your operations
Analyzing context of communication in Enso Connect's platform

Make informed decisions with the power of AI.

What is AI Context Analysis:

Contextual AI enables systems to interpret the information the same way a human would. From analyzing keywords and sentiments to recognizing cultural and environmental contexts, this “intuitive” understanding allows AI systems to produce more in-depth, relevant, and accurate outputs.

Here is an example for your business – how many of your guests ask questions about parking?

What is AI context Analysis

How we do this:

Scanning all customer interactions in your account, our AI recognizes specific topics, allowing you to know where you should focus your efforts on.

We categorize interactions according to categories like:

  • Check-In
  • Check-Out
  • Smoking Policy
  • Pets
  • Directions
  • Swimming Pool
  • Number of Guests
  • Internet
Context analysis to identify issues that require the most attention

How does it work for hospitality?

This is your team’s COO. It allows you to get a macro perspective on your business, and know the types of questions being asked.

Are you getting a lot of check-in questions? Parking questions? Or maybe everyone keeps asking about the dishwasher?

You can take proactive steps in your automation by quantifying the types of messages and questions being asked by your guests.

AI context analysis in Enso Connect's platform

Optimize your operations today!

Reduce response times with AI-predicted responses.
Build brand loyalty and drive more direct bookings.
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