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Easily manage your vacation rental property and elevate security with Brivo Locks

At Enso Connect we are committed to helping you elevate and monetize your guest experience. We integrate best in class smart connected systems, including keyless entry solutions. We are happy to have Brivo, a leading provider of cloud-based access control and security systems, available for our users. We’ve reviewed the Brivo locks for you to make an informed decision on your remote access management setting.

In this article you will learn:

  • What the Brivo locks offer to property managers
  • The advantages and disadvantages
  • How to install Brivo locks
  • The battery life
  • The level of security they provide

Discover the Brivo smart locks and Enso Connect Integration

Brivo and Enso Connect integration offers a powerful solution to enhance and streamline the check-in process in your hospitality operation. With this keyless entry solution, you can eliminate the hassle and inefficiency of physical keys. This will ensure a seamless and secure experience for your guests.

With Brivo locks, guests can conveniently access their accommodations using electronic credentials, eliminating the need for traditional keys. This keyless self-check-in process saves time and enhances security by reducing the risk of lost or duplicated keys. As a vacation rental operator, you can easily manage access permissions with Brivo. Remotely grant or revoke access and monitor entry events in real-time through Enso Connect smart device dashboard.

Enso Connect further optimizes the check-in process by integrating Brivo locks with your vacation rental management system. This integration allows for automated guest access provisioning, ensuring that guests receive their access credentials prior to their arrival. This happens through the web-based guest app, the Boarding Pass. This is a single link that gives guests all necessary information for their stay, including check-in instructions and entry codes. The integration of Brivo locks into your Enso Connect dashboard allows you to create a frictionless and secure check-in experience.

Drive guest satisfaction by digitizing and streamlining your check-in an checkout.

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What does Enso Connect recommend?

While Enso Connect is compatible with the mentioned door locks, we highly recommend contacting our team to verify the compatibility of your specific lock model with Enso. Ensuring a seamless connection between your lock and Enso Connect is our top priority.

Let’s take a look at why, and what we recommend:

Look for a lock with a long battery life

It is strongly advised to choose a smart lock that provides an extended battery life for optimal performance. By selecting a lock with prolonged battery longevity, you can experience uninterrupted operation, peace of mind, and reduce the need for frequent battery replacements. Prioritizing locks with extended battery life allows for the convenience and security of keyless entry without the hassle of constantly monitoring and changing batteries.

Push button vs touchscreen

In terms of user-friendliness, push buttons are typically our preferred recommendation. They offer a straightforward approach, allowing guests to easily input the code without any additional actions. On the other hand, touchscreens keypads require guests to activate them by placing their palm over the screen before entering the code, potentially causing confusion for guests who are unfamiliar with this process.

Key overrides are a good idea

It is a wise decision to select a smart lock that incorporates a keyhole as a backup option. This additional feature becomes invaluable during Wi-Fi outages or when the battery unexpectedly runs out. By having a keyhole, you can confidently maintain control over access and secure your property, regardless of any technological challenges that may arise.

Brivo Case Study

Watch a case study of a vacation rental manager, using Brivo’s security and smart home automation platform. With Brivo, he’s able to manage multiple properties remotely, saving time while eliminating the hassle of traditional keys. Learn how you can transform a way you manage properties, streamlining operations and boosting success.

What are the pros and cons of Brivo smart locks?


Cloud-Based Access Control

Brivo systems use cloud technology, providing the convenience of remote access management from anywhere with an internet connection. Administrators can easily grant or revoke access, monitor events, and generate reports through a user-friendly web-based interface or mobile app. The locks are compatible with the Enso Connect dashboard, allowing to control all smart devices from one place.


The systems are highly scalable, accommodating the needs of small businesses to large enterprises with multiple locations. Adding or removing access points can be done seamlessly, making it adaptable to evolving security requirements.

Integration Capabilities

They integrate with other security systems such as video surveillance cameras and intrusion detection systems, creating a comprehensive security solution. Integration allows for synchronized events and centralized management of multiple security components.

Enhanced Security

Physical keys are replaced by electronic credentials, reducing the risks associated with lost or stolen keys. Operators have real-time visibility into access events and can quickly respond to unauthorized attempts, enhancing overall security.


Internet Dependency

Brivo systems heavily rely on an internet connection for remote access and functionality. In cases of internet outages or disruptions, access operations may be affected, requiring a backup plan or alternative access methods.

Initial Setup and Configuration

Implementing Brivo systems may require initial setup and configuration, including the installation of hardware and integration with existing security systems. This process may involve professional assistance or technical expertise.


Brivo systems may involve upfront costs for hardware, installation, and ongoing subscription fees for cloud-based services. The overall cost may vary depending on the scale and complexity of the system implementation.

Are the Brivo smart locks worth it?

Determining whether Brivo smart locks are worth it depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the value of Brivo smart locks:

  • Security and Convenience: Brivo smart locks offer enhanced security features such as keyless entry, real-time monitoring, and centralized access control management. If the convenience of keyless entry, remote access control, and comprehensive security management aligns with your requirements, Brivo smart locks can be a worthwhile investment.
  • Scalability: Brivo smart locks are designed to scale, making them suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises with multiple locations. If you have plans to expand your operations or require a flexible access control solution that can adapt to changing needs, Brivo smart locks can provide value in terms of scalability and future-proofing.
  • Budget Considerations: Brivo smart locks typically involve upfront costs for hardware, installation, and ongoing subscription fees for cloud-based services. Evaluate whether the features and benefits offered by Brivo justify the associated costs within your budget constraints.
Brivo Lock

Do Brivo locks need WiFi?

Brivo locks do not necessarily require a constant Wi-Fi connection for basic functionality. However, it’s important to note that certain features and functionalities of Brivo locks, such as remote access and real-time monitoring, do rely on an internet connection.

Here are some key points regarding the need for Wi-Fi with Brivo locks:

  1. Basic Operation: Brivo locks can operate independently without a constant Wi-Fi connection. Users with authorized credentials, such as keycards or mobile devices, can still gain access to the locked areas even if the Wi-Fi is temporarily unavailable.
  2. Remote Access and Management: To leverage remote access and management capabilities, which allow administrators to control and monitor the locks from anywhere, a stable internet connection is required. This is typically achieved through Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity.
  3. Synchronization and Updates: Wi-Fi connectivity enables synchronization between the Brivo lock and the cloud-based platform, ensuring that access events, access privileges, and other settings are regularly updated and maintained. It also allows for firmware updates and system enhancements to be deployed to the locks.

Are Brivo locks safe and secure?

Brivo locks are designed with a focus on security and employ various measures to ensure the safety of access control systems. Here are some key aspects that contribute to the safety and security of Brivo locks:

  1. Authentication: Brivo locks utilize strong authentication mechanisms to verify the identity of individuals seeking access. This can include credentials such as keycards, mobile devices, or unique access codes.
  2. Encryption: Communication between Brivo locks and the cloud-based platform is typically encrypted, ensuring that data transmitted over the network is protected from unauthorized access or tampering.
  3. Access Control Management: Brivo locks offer centralized access control management through a cloud-based platform. Administrators can define access permissions, monitor access events in real-time, and quickly respond to any unauthorized attempts.
  4. Audit Trails and Reporting: Brivo locks maintain detailed audit trails, capturing information about access events, including timestamps and user identities. This provides an added layer of accountability and helps in investigating any security incidents.

How long do batteries last in Brivo locks?

The battery life of Brivo locks can vary depending on several factors, including the lock model, usage patterns, environmental conditions, and the type of batteries used. However, Brivo locks are designed to optimize battery usage and typically offer a respectable battery life.

On average, Brivo locks can last anywhere from six months to two years on a single set of batteries. Some factors that can affect battery life include the frequency of use, the number of access events, the duration of each event, and the quality of the batteries used.

Can you hack Brivo Locks?

Brivo locks are designed with security in mind and implement various measures to protect against unauthorized access. However, like any technology, it is essential to take appropriate security precautions to mitigate potential risks. Here are a few considerations regarding the security of Brivo lock systems:

  1. Strong Authentication: Brivo locks utilize strong authentication methods, such as unique credentials or access codes, to verify the identity of individuals seeking access. It is crucial to use secure and unique credentials, regularly update access codes, and follow best practices for managing user credentials to enhance security.
  2. Encryption and Secure Communication: Brivo lock systems typically employ encryption protocols to secure communication between the locks and the cloud-based platform. This helps protect data transmission from potential eavesdropping or tampering.
  3. Regular Updates and Patches: Keeping the firmware and software of Brivo locks up to date is important to address any potential security vulnerabilities. Brivo may release patches and updates periodically to improve security and address any identified issues. It is recommended to stay informed about updates and promptly apply them.

What if the Brivo lock fails and guests can't check in?

In the rare event that a Brivo lock experiences a failure or malfunction, resulting in guests being unable to check in, it is important to have contingency plans in place to minimize any inconvenience. Here are some steps you can consider:

  1. Backup Key or Manual Override: Ensure that you have a backup key or a manual override mechanism available for each Brivo lock. This allows you or authorized personnel to physically unlock the door in case of a lock failure. It’s important to securely store and manage backup keys to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. 24/7 Support and Response: Maintain access to a reliable support system, such as Brivo’s customer support or a dedicated technical team, that can provide assistance and troubleshooting in case of lock failures. This ensures that you have access to immediate support to resolve any issues promptly.
  3. Communication with Guests: Establish clear communication channels with your guests, such as providing a dedicated helpline or contact information, so that they can reach out for assistance if they encounter any difficulties during check-in. Communicate in advance about the possibility of technical issues and the backup procedures available.
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