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Guest Agreements & House Rules

Digitize and automate your vacation rental agreements and hotel rules.

  • Make your agreement quick and easy to sign
  • Prevent damages and chargebacks 
  • Download your proof of verification anytime 
Protect your business with a digital rental agreement

Hospitality safety made easy

Keep it simple

Short lease agreement isn’t meant to confuse your guests with legal jargon. It’s supposed to outline essential details and to protect your business if something goes wrong.

Simplify the process of signing a vacation rental agreement

Make it easy to sign

Signing contracts is not fun, especially if you need to scroll through emails to fill-in or even print the documents. Make the process quick and easy for your guests to increase conversion and elevate the experience.

E-signature in digital rental agreements

Automate and personalize

Automate the process to never forget sending the agreement or follow up in case they need a reminder.

You already have your guests’ personal information, fill it in for them. If you know their preferred language – send the contract in that language, if available.

Automate sending digital rental agreements to your guests

Automate your agreements and hotel rules

Your brand is unique – let it shine! With your own branded guest web app.
Wifi and important information. Everything your guests need to know about your property, all in one place.
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