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Case Study

Managing Multi Million Dollar Homes at Scale

"Enso Connect is offering significant time savings and operational visibility for security deposits, ID verifications, and automated guest communications. It reduces manual effort and human error, making our processes more efficient and guest interactions more personal."


Adapting Luxury Hospitality to Remote Management
Scalability and Efficiency in Operations
Building Trust and Credibility in a Digital-First Business Model


Grow in New York City and Expand to Similar Markets
Build a Solid System for Scaling Operations (double the size)
Strengthen Emotional Connection with Guests in a Remote Setting

The Problem

The primary problem revolved around adapting the luxury property management company’s high-standard service model to a remote management context. It’s a complex task to maintain the essence of luxury hospitality while managing single-family homes from a distance. The company struggled with ensuring that their guests continue to receive a personalized and luxurious experience, without traditional in-person interactions.

Additionally, there were operational challenges in remote management. Such as maintaining quality control over cleaning and maintenance tasks and effectively communicating with both the on-ground team and guests. The transition to remote operations also raised concerns about scalability and efficiency, as the company experiences rapid growth, expanding from managing a handful of properties to overseeing a significantly larger portfolio in various markets. This growth requires a robust system that can handle increased operational demands without compromising the quality of service.

The Solution

The company implemented a complex solution of building systems and processes tailored for scale. They embraced Enso Connect’s advanced guest experience solution, to automate key guest interactions. These include guest verification, agreements, security deposits, online check-ins and guest communications, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors.

To uphold their luxury standards remotely, they focused on using guest data to personalize communication and provide tailored service. Personalized guest interactions foster emotional connections, despite the lack of in-person contact.

The company strengthened credibility and trust with guests and owners with streamlined guest verification process and built-in Autohost service. Smart devices: Minut noise and occupancy sensors and smart locks, managed from the Enso hub, help protecting high-end properties. 


Growth Over 6 Months


ROI on Enso Connect Software


Average Length of Stay (days)

“Without Enso Connect, we had a daily checklist of manual tasks, which was time consuming and error-prone. Now, with automation, our communications are more efficient yet still feel personal.”


New Asset Class of High-End Property Rentals with Elevated Trust

Rove is a venture-backed startup providing a marketplace for luxury, monthly, and short-term home rentals. They provide a 5-star, luxury standard that offers remote-work-friendly accommodations.

Rove is unlocking a new asset class of high-end property rentals with an elevated layer of trust for both prospective renters and owners. With over 80 properties and 30+ employees, they offer luxury monthly rentals in New York City and nightly vacation rentals in The Hamptons, NY, Scottsdale AZ, West Palm Beach FL, Ft. Lauderdale & Miami FL.

New York City, The Hamptons, NY, Scottsdale AZ, West Palm Beach FL, Ft. Lauderdale & Miami FL.



Property Type
Remote-work Friendly Luxury Accommodations

Guesty, SmartThings, Minut, Enso Connect, Autohost

Key Features
Boarding Pass, Guest Verification, Digital Guidebooks, Upsells, Contactless Check-in, Contactless Checkout

Equip Your Luxury Hospitality Business for Growth

Head of Property Operations

Patrick Bartlett

Patrick has more than 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He holds a BS in Hotel Administration from Cornell University. He has an extensive leadership background in operations, having worked at prestigious luxury hotels. This includes The Mandarin Oriental Hotel New York, The Lotte New York Palace Hotel, and The Mansion at MGM Grand. He also worked for luxury hospitality brands across the country: Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, W Hotels, and Trump Hotels. During the pandemic, he managed remote operations for Kasa Living, overseeing housekeeping at over 40 separate locations nationwide.

Since joining Rove in January 2022 as a founding hire, Patrick has been instrumental in building out the company’s remote and in-market operations. Since joining Rove, their operations now encompass a portfolio exceeding $200 million in luxury homes across premier US markets, with New York City as the flagship.

Interview with Patrick Bartlett – Head of Property Operations at Rove

How Did You Navigate the Transformation from Hotels to Short-Term Rentals?

Working in a luxury hotel brings its share of glitz and glam. It’s exciting to see cool things, but it’s also a lot of hard work. Long hours and six-day weeks are common. In luxury hospitality you’re always on call – from a burst pipe to a VIP guest needing attention.

The difference in luxury short-term rentals is that you are managing the processes remotely. It saves me time on commute and money – on dry cleaning suits;) But it is still a demanding role with different type of challenges.

Adapting to remote work in hospitality requires finding new technologies and approaches to achieve the same results as in-person work.

Key Elements for Providing a Luxury Guest Experience Remotely

Rove sets itself apart in the market by ensuring that the luxury experience is uncompromised in a remote setting. Patrick Bartlett defines the most important elements for achieving this: visibility, efficient communication, quick problem-solving, trust and data-driven approach.

Visibility is Everything

Maintaining a clear and transparent view of all operations and guest interactions is key to remote management. When not on-site, it’s crucial to ensure service quality control, from cleanliness to guest interactions and prompt responses to requests. Rove leverages technology to monitor and verify guest interactions such as identity check, security deposits, agreements, online check-in, etc.

Efficient Team Communication

It’s absolutely crucial to maintain close communication with on-ground teams to oversee tasks such as cleaning and maintenance. You need to ensure they meet the luxury standards expected by guests.

Quick and Efficient Problem-Solving

Responsiveness to guest issues is key. Problems should be addressed swiftly to minimize inconvenience, demonstrating the company’s commitment to guest satisfaction.

Personalized Guest Communication

While automation saves time and reduces human error, maintaining a personal touch in guest communications is important. Automated messages should be crafted to feel personal and genuine, making guests feel valued and recognized. Use the guest data you collect to personalize your messaging at any touch point.

Anticipating Guest Needs

Understanding and anticipating what guests might require during their stay and addressing these needs proactively significantly enhances the guest experience. Using the information you have about the guest, initiate communication first, offering helpful services or add-ons before they reach out to you.

Streamlined Verification Processes

Rove’s properties are high-risk assets, with monthly rates reaching up to $50,000. This necessitates substantial protection, with guests required to pay $5,000 in security deposits and sign rental agreements. You need to establish a straightforward and user-friendly process for these high-value guests to navigate and make payments.

Trust and Credibility Online

Requesting guests to pay thousands of dollars online before arriving at the property may seem suspicious to some. Therefore, it’s crucial to enhance your digital presence to build trust. This can be done by showcasing reviews, offering clear communication channels, and providing comprehensive information about the properties and services.

Leveraging Technology for Efficiency

Using advanced tools like Enso Connect to automate and streamline operations such as security deposits, ID verifications, and guest communications. This not only saves time but also reduces the chance of human error.

The Challenge of Scaling Up in STR Luxury Hospitality

Rove is a luxury hospitality company that started from zero, and went from 1 to 10 to 20 to 50…  Now the company is managing 80 homes in 5 different markets. They quickly realized that as you’re scaling exponentially, things break. Even just from 1 to 2 and 2 to 5 and 5 to 10, the a volume is getting overwhelming. Then what will happen at 100 or 200 properties? All processes that are time intensive are going to be a hurdle for growth. This is when the Rove team recognized the need for an automation solution with high customization capabilities.

Did Implementing Enso Connect Change Your Business?

Discovering Enso Connect has been a game-changer for us, significantly saving time and enhancing our operational efficiency. It provides crucial visibility into key aspects like security deposits, credit card holds for stays, and pre-check-in procedures. The platform has streamlined processes such as ID verification and sending personalized automated messages to guests, ensuring they feel welcomed and attended to.

Before Enso Connect, managing these tasks manually was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Now, with automation, we can maintain a personal touch in our communications, making each interaction feel unique and less automated. This balance of efficiency and personalization has been a major win for us.

“The platform has streamlined processes such as ID verification and sending personalized automated messages to guests, ensuring they feel welcomed and attended to.”

Why did you choose Enso Connect?

We conducted thorough research, evaluating around ten different solutions to find the perfect fit for our unique needs. The initial interaction with the sales team and the demo were impressive. Then we delved deeper to ensure the platform’s capabilities matched our real-world requirements.

Our situation is quite specific, managing luxury properties with high-value transactions and extended stays in New York City. We needed a system capable of handling significant security deposits and catering to the nuances of managing multi-million dollar homes. Enso Connect stood out with its ability to be customized for our particular needs.

The system is not only intuitive but also adaptable. The initial setup required some effort, but the investment in time paid off quickly, significantly saving time and streamlining operations.

What really sealed the deal for us was the combination of customizable features, user-friendly interface, and the responsive support team. They were always ready to answer our detailed queries, providing quick and helpful responses. This level of engagement and the platform’s adaptability to our requirements made Enso Connect an invaluable tool for our business.

“High level of engagement and the platform’s adaptability to our specific requirements made Enso Connect an invaluable tool for our business.”

Navigating the High-End Luxury Market in STR: Building Trust

Protecting High-End Properties

Operating in the luxury segment with direct guest contact, differs significantly from using well-known platforms like Airbnb or VRBO. These platforms offer a layer of trust and security, from protecting against fraudulent listings to providing alternative accommodations in case of issues. In direct bookings, establishing credibility becomes crucial. We achieve this by implementing robust guest screening and verification, coupled with thorough agreements and security deposits. It is important to make these processes convenient and quick for our guests. This is where Enso Connect’s tech comes into play.

Streamlining Guest Verification

For guests, digital interactions could pose a challenge. Trust is necessary when wiring a $5,000 security deposit before even arriving at the accommodation. And we need to build this trust remotely. At Rove, we achieve this through various communication channels, such as phone calls and building a strong social media presence. This approach not only displays our growing portfolio and positive reviews but also personalizes the experience. A phone conversation can alleviate doubts, offering a sense of confidence and familiarity that digital communication alone might not convey. This blend of digital visibility and personal interaction has been key in building trust and succeeding in the high-end luxury market.

What’s next for Rove?

Continued Growth in New York City

Rove plans to further expand its presence in New York City, capitalizing on the vast opportunities in this bustling market. The goal is to solidify the position as a leading luxury furnished rental property manager in the city.

Expansion into New Markets

The company is looking to identify and enter markets similar to New York, particularly those with complex rental regulations. The goal is to leverage the expertise to navigate these challenges and provide value to property owners in these areas.

Scaling Operations and Processes

Rove is actively preparing for rapid growth. This involves continuously evaluating and adapting their systems, staffing, and processes to ensure they can scale effectively. The focus is on creating a robust structure that can accommodate growth without major disruptions.

“It provides crucial visibility into key aspects like security deposits, credit card holds for stays, and pre-check-in procedures.”

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