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New Standards of Guest Experience in Hospitality

Recognizing Movers and Shakers of Digital Guest Experience

A smooth, data-driven, and personalized digital experience boosts guest engagement and loyalty. Predictive hospitality pioneers enjoy better efficiency and higher earnings. Their success stories are worth recognizing and sharing.

Enso Connected Badge Main Image v3

Enso-connected professionals have shared their Boarding Passes with 3.5 million guests. This year, the Enso Pros community is setting standard levels of digitalization and monetization. We are happy to share these results, based on insights from millions of digital interactions.

We’re acknowledging the following achievements:

The revenue generated with upsells
The record average response times
The fully streamlined digital check-in experience
The adoption of AI in a hospitality business
And of course, the commitment to creating a seamless, digital, and personalized experience for guests.

What’s Your Digital Guest Experience Badge?

Enso Connected Badge General

General Enso-Connected Badge

Enso Connected Badge Level 1
Level 1

Digital Guest Experience Professional

  • Average response time – less than an hour
  • Premium Guest Verification Setup
Enso Connected Badge Level 2
Level 2

Digital Guest Experience Guru

  • Average response time – less than 30 minutes
  • Premium Guest Verification Setup
  • Upsells Setup
Enso Connected Badge Level 3
Level 3

Digital Guest Experience Legend

  • Average response time – less than 15 minutes
  • Everything in Level 2 Guru 
  • Smart locks implemented 
  • EnsoAI adoption

The future of our industry has arrived! Let’s continually aim for excellence!

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