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Case Study

Jetstream Hospitality Solutions

"Enso Connect's Unified Inbox streamlines communication for thousands of our Airbnb listings. The platform powers the keyless access for the High Street Townhouse in Manchester."


Occupancy Fluctuations
Operational Inefficiency
Transaction-heavy Processes


Maximize Occupancy
Reduce On-site Workload
Prove the Model & Expand to New Properties

The Problem

High Street Townhouse, a historic 18 century site, converted to apartment hotel. The hotel that has been running for the last 15 years previously focused on short-term stays. The 2019 pandemic prompted a rethink of its profitability. The new management’s challenge was to transition the building from a traditional operation into a high-end, longer-stay boutique aparthotel. The vision was to use advanced technology for better operations and guest experience.

Previously, hotel operations required extensive manual coordination. There was a need for new systems for more effective, remote management. Additionally, the challenge was achieving seamless integration between all systems involved in the tech stack.

Another goal was to extend the guests’ stay from five nights to a month.


The Solution

The solution involved integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance both operational efficiency and guest experience. This transformation was spearheaded by Jetstream Hospitality Solutions, with top notch channel marketing and reservation support.

Jetstream’s remote agents use Enso Connect’s Unified Inbox for guest communication and the Boarding Pass guest app for guiding guests through the entire stay.  The Boarding Pass guest app, keyless entry and unified messaging streamline guest check-ins and interactions, significantly reducing the need for manual coordination. The focus was on creating a seamless, touchless experience that offered modern convenience, while preserving the building’s historical charm. Additionally, the integration of Minut smart sensors ensured optimal comfort and safety for guests. Dynamic pricing and smart channel marketing attracted longer stays, marking a significant shift to average stay of 5 nights and occupancy rate of 90%.


Interactions automated


Occupancy Rate


Average Length of Stay

“All of the communication is delivered via the Boarding Pass. It’s a seamless experience for both the guest and Allison. A lot of guests have said it’s magic!”


UK's Top High-Tech Stay

High Street Townhouse, a modern boutique serviced loft apartment building in Manchester City Centre. It is housed in a fully renovated 18th-century historical site. With its 18 suites, it has operated as a hotel for nearly two decades. However, the traditionally managed apart-hotel faced challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, prompting a complete technological overhaul under new management.

Mike Liverton and Jetstream spearheaded this tech revolution for the High Street Townhouse brand, leading to unprecedented property performance. They built an efficient tech ecosystem centered on Jetstream’s robust channel management and marketing platform. The tech stack includes integrated Enso Connect’s guest experience suite of tools and Minut smart sensors.

The on-site team consists of just three people: guest services manager Alison and two cleaning assistants. Thanks to digitized interactions and streamlined operations, most processes are handled remotely by Jetstream’s team of agents.

Thanks to a savvy revenue strategy and dynamic pricing tools, the project now enjoys a 90% occupancy rate, with average stays extending to 5 days or more.

Manchester’s Northern Quarter, UK

18 rooms apartment hotel


Property Type
Urban apartment hotel


Jetstream, Enso Connect, Minut, 4Suites

Key Features

Unified Inbox, Boarding Pass, Digital Guidebooks, Upsells, Contactless Check-in, Contactless Checkout

Maximize your rental revenue with Enso Connect

About Jetstream

One powerful service for channel marketing and reservation support

Jetstream is an all-in-one platform that provides a powerful way for owners, managers and developers of multi-unit, short-term rental properties to maximize revenues and realize opportunities in the short-term and flexible rental market. Jetstream combines best-in-class marketing expertise and distribution technology with high-quality customer support to deliver guest delight, streamlined operations and, reduced financial risk.

Jetstream’s expert team does all of the marketing, listing optimization, availability pricing, reservation support, and guest screening … And  [drum roll]  they don’t get paid until you get paid. (mic drop)


High Tech, Low Touch With Personal Connections

Mike Liverton Headshot
Mike Liverton, Project Developer

Mike Liverton, an English-born serial entrepreneur, has a strong passion for enhancing customer experiences through technology and e-commerce. He co-founded in 1999, a pioneering UK e-commerce mobile phone retailer, growing it to over $110 million in annual turnover before its acquisition by The Carphone Warehouse in 2004.

Post-acquisition, Mike moved to Canada and entered the short-term rental property market. Identifying opportunities in this fragmented market, he launched Leavetown’s proprietary booking platform in 2008, focusing on multi-unit properties. This evolved into Jetstream Hospitality Solutions, a leading B2B technology for property distribution, partnering with over 200 property owners and distributing 50,000 properties globally.

At the start of 2023, Mike aimed to demonstrate the capabilities of Jetstream technology alongside top-tier partners. He conceptualized and launched the High Street Townhouse project, embodying the pinnacle of today’s innovative hospitality technology.

Emmanuel Lavoie, CEO of Jetstream Hospitality Solutions

Emmanuel is a passionate French-Canadian engineer and entrepreneur who values integrity and competent execution above all. Graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, Emmanuel landed in the HVAC Consulting world where he specialized in sustainable and energy efficient solutions for his clients. Following a successful exit of his small HVAC consulting engineering firm, Emmanuel took a major fork in the road and joined Jetstream in 2015 in the role of COO.

Initially a small niche OTA, Jetstream quickly found itself providing connectivity and channel marketing services for an ever-expanding list of vacation rental resort management companies throughout North America and Europe. Emmanuel co-led the rapid growth of the company including a successful Series A and eventual exit to The RedAwning Group in 2018. Seizing on the financial difficulties suffered by the travel industry at the onset of COVID, Emmanuel and his business partner seized the opportunity to re-acquire Jetstream from under the parent company, and are now delivering on their bold vision for the future of hospitality.

Alison Gould headshot
Alison Gould, On-site Property Manager

Alison, with her two decades of experience in hospitality, has been a part of High Street Townhouse for five years. Initially working at the reception during the hotel’s low-tech era, she recalls the heavy workload and repetitive tasks that often overwhelmed the team. However, following the hotel’s shift to high-tech operations, Alison now remains the sole on-site staff member, allowing her to focus more on fostering personal connections and delivering genuine hospitality.

Her primary responsibility is ensuring guests have an exceptional stay. Alison personally interacts with any guest needing assistance, making them feel at home. Meeting people from various parts of the world, she makes an effort to understand and adapt to their language, culture, and preferences, aiming to fulfill their needs throughout their stay.

Alison oversees a team of two cleaning assistants and coordinates with maintenance and other contractors.

Interview with Mike Liverton, Emmanuel Lavoie and Alison Gould

How did you come up with the idea of High Street Townhouse?


We have a big passion for all of the guest experience and the functionality that Jetstream, as the entire architecture of our solution and platform, can deliver. I’ve been quite passionate about finding a suitable property or multi-unit type asset that we could apply that solution to. This opportunity really came about by the desire to find an asset that we could really feature and showcase the entire breadth and efficiency, both operationally and from the guest com’s perspective, that our solution in conjunction with all of our partners that we partner and integrate with could provide.

What is unique about this project?

It’s a historic building, so it’s really across from the train station in the historic district of Manchester, so it’s really from the 1800s or so on. So it’s got a very steep, deep heritage and history. The building itself was built originally as warehousing and for the clothing trade around 1850. It was converted to apartments around 15 years ago and has been operated as an apartment hotel, with the emphasis on hotel, so shorter-term stays up until really sort of 2019 when we had the pandemic. We found this property, and it represented an ideal size that we could take on and really ideal in terms of that we could update it and really roll out the Jetstream Solution on it. So it’s marrying the very old, genuinely, and the latest very new of technology.

What stands behind the great performance of the High Street Townhouse project?

The integration of cutting-edge technology has been pivotal. By implementing solutions like keyless entry, AI-driven communication, and advanced property management systems, we’ve significantly enhanced operational efficiency and guest experience.

Our focus on guest-centric amenities and services has set us apart. We’ve ensured that every aspect of a guest’s stay, from the quality of in-room appliances to seamless digital interactions, exceeds expectations.

Our small but dedicated on-site team, led by Alison, adds a personal touch that large hotels often lack. This team ensures that every guest receives individual attention and feels genuinely cared for during their stay.

We’ve combined traditional hospitality values with modern technology to create a unique and memorable experience for our guests. This blend of innovation, quality, and service is what drives the outstanding performance of the High Street Townhouse. It’s this combination of history, location, sustainability, and personalized service that sets the High Street Townhouse project apart in the rental market.

How does Enso Connect contribute to Hight Street Townhouse Success?

Enso Connect plays a crucial role in maintaining the high performance of the High Street Townhouse project. Its integration into our operations has revolutionized how we manage guest interactions and property logistics. The platform’s AI-driven communication system allows us to offer personalized guest experiences at scale. It automates routine inquiries and responses, freeing up our team to focus on more complex and personalized guest services.

Moreover, Enso Connect’s keyless entry system has been a game-changer. It provides guests with a seamless and secure check-in experience, eliminating the need for physical keys or front-desk interactions. This technology not only enhances guest convenience but also significantly reduces operational burdens, allowing our staff to concentrate on other aspects of guest satisfaction.

The platform’s unified inbox feature is another vital tool. It consolidates communications from various channels into a single interface, ensuring that no guest query goes unanswered and that our response times are swift and efficient. This level of responsiveness and organization is key to maintaining high guest satisfaction rates.

Additionally, Enso Connect’s integration with other technologies like Minut for noise and party monitoring ensures that we maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all guests. This proactive approach to property management helps us preemptively address potential issues, ensuring a consistently high-quality experience for every guest.

In summary, Enso Connect’s comprehensive suite of tools enhances our operational efficiency, guest communication, and overall property management, which are essential components of the High Street Townhouse project’s success.

“Our relationship with Enso Connect spans keyless access, noise monitoring, Boarding Pass, Unified Inbox. And now with AI it’s a total extension of our team. “

What is Minut’s role in your powerful tech stack?

Minut is a key component in our comprehensive technology stack, playing a vital role in enhancing property management and guest experience. Its advanced noise and occupancy monitoring capabilities allow us to maintain a secure and comfortable environment for our guests. This is crucial in a densely populated urban setting like Manchester, where ensuring guest peace and privacy while respecting the local community is paramount.


We really love Minut and were excited with Minut’s implementation in every apartment and common area. Its preventative capabilities, including noise, occupancy, and air quality sensing, are exceptional. The technology deters guests from engaging in prohibited activities like smoking or vaping, as they know we’ll be alerted immediately.

The integration of Minut with Enso Connect has been a game-changer, enhancing our communication and response efficiency. This seamless integration allows us to swiftly address any issues, ensuring the comfort of all guests. The Jetstream team, working 24/7, monitors these alerts, and with Enso Connect, we can instantly notify guests of any concerns. If the issue persists, we follow up with a call, maintaining a pleasant environment for everyone. This technology not only ensures compliance but also preserves the quality of stay for all our guests, making it an invaluable part of our tech stack.

What are your plans to replicate this success in other markets?

The success of the project has been a testament to our approach, combining historical charm with modern technology and guest-centric services. We are actively exploring opportunities to replicate this model in other markets. Our goal is to identify properties with unique character and potential, similar to the High Street Townhouse, in different cities and regions.

We plan to leverage the lessons learned and the technological infrastructure we’ve established here to other properties. This includes integrating advanced tech solutions like keyless entry, AI-driven communication, and noise monitoring systems to enhance operational efficiency and guest experience.

In addition, we’re looking at markets where we can make a significant impact. Not just in terms of profitability, but also in enhancing the local community and preserving historical buildings. Our focus will remain on creating unique, memorable experience for guests while maintaining the essence of each property’s locale.

“We love Minut, in addition to noise and smoke monitoring, it has a preventive power.”

“Guests are impressed! We’ve jumped over all of chapters of evolution in access, using the Boarding Pass.”

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