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Stress.  I have a strong feeling you may be feeling a lot more of that lately because of the pandemic.  However, there can be other things in your life that are also causing stress completely or almost completely unrelated to COVID.  Those stressors most likely have been exacerbated by the current pandemic, but here’s the deal: here at Enso Connect, we know that owning a rental property can prove to be stressful, but we think we can help!

Stop wasting time cleaning, get a PMS

Stress from your rental may come about in many different ways.  One common thing that we have noticed is stress from lack of bookings.  It’s no secret that the pandemic has affected the travel industry, thus impacting the short term rental industry, but in order to overcome this we must think outside the box.  Currently, it may not make sense to rent out your property for relatively short periods of time (depending on your location), as possible exposure to COVID can increase, as well as the amount of money spent on cleanings. One strategy you may consider is the medium length stay — approximately 28 days or more.  What this does is create more constant cash flow, as well as making sure you and your guests are also keeping safe.

Maximize your income with a PMS

Another thing that we have learned is that some property owners do not maximize their booking by leveraging the use of a Property Management Software (PMS).  Certain companies that offer a PMS have built in price management tools.  What does this mean exactly? Well, simply it means it always prices your rental so you can maximize your income, as well as filling in empty rental space that you probably wouldn’t have been able to fill anyway.  With the use of this software, you can worry less about not getting enough income, so you can enjoy your day-to-day more.

Communicating with your guests

The last thing that we think you might be having a hard time with is guest communication. What we’ve found is that many hosts have trouble keeping up with messaging their guests frequently. This lack of communication can cause issues with your rental, and even reduce your host rating. Luckily, with a PMS, guest communication has never been so easy. With certain PMS, you can have all of your guest communications all in one place — as in if you text your guest, message on Airbnb, or even email, it’ll all appear in the same place. This can prove to be incredibly useful if you’ve found searching for guest messages laborious.

At the end of the day you’ll most likely still have some underlying stress, but hopefully these suggestions will at least make you feel at little more at ease.  And also remember that everyone is in the same boat, so don’t feel like you can’t ask questions! If you’re looking to ask us any questions, like always, our email is

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