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How to deal with parties

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Whether you’re a novice or pro in the short term rental industry, at one point or another you were probably worried about a potential guest throwing a party in your rental. Now, either you’ve experienced the aftermath of a party or you’re still lucky enough to call your rental safe, that stress is still there for your next rental. With COVID-19, large gatherings (or gatherings at all) have essentially been cancelled, and the threat of a party in one of your rentals is relatively low. However, with the introduction and roll out of vaccines, coupled with lower restrictions and revenge travel, that threat is coming back faster than ever.

Dealing with parties

Noise Sensor Smart Device

Dealing with parties can be quite a difficult task to overcome but there are several solutions that can be implemented in order to preserve your rental. The first, and most well known is using a noise sensor smart device. The two biggest ones that get the most attention are Minut and NoiseAware. Their purpose is to essentially alert guests and hosts of noise levels that are deemed too high. In essence, these notifications will alert the host of a potential party and will allow hosts to deal with the situation accordingly.

Noise sensors for your rental

Another way to deal with parties is to stipulate in your listing description that you do not tolerate them, and potential fines can occur if they do not abide by these rules. Although this isn’t as enforceable as the noise sensor solution, conscious guests will abide by these rules.  As well, if you combine the two together, you will be able to prove that there was some form of party, and thus collect your fines for the retribution.

Lastly, if you’re not totally adverse to having guests party in your rental, you can set guidelines and fines for damaged property. By setting guidelines on damaged property, you can have some peace of mind that if there is a party, the actual structure and contents of the property won’t be destroyed, and if they are then you will be compensated as such.

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