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Imagine this: It’s a sunny afternoon and you’ve just arrived at a beautiful vacation rental after a long journey. You’re ready to start your relaxing getaway, but first, you need to check-in. Instead of waiting for the host or fumbling with keys, you simply receive a code on your phone, enter it into a sleek digital lock, and voila – you’re in! 

As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives, it’s also becoming a key player in making vacation rentals safer and more guest-friendly. Smart locks are at the heart of this change. These digital locks simplify access for guests and boost security for property owners. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of smart locks in vacation rentals, how they can automate property access and improve security to protect your vacation rental, and the overall impact they have on the vacation rental experience. Let’s dive in on how to use smart locks to automate and protect your vacation rental. 

How to Use Smart Locks to Automate and Protect Your Vacation Rental

Smart locks are electronic locking mechanisms that can be operated remotely, often using a smartphone app, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Unlike traditional locks that require physical keys, smart locks offer features like keyless entry, the ability to create and share digital keys or access codes, and the option to monitor and control the lock remotely. 

Some smart locks also integrate with home automation systems, allowing for features like automatic locking/unlocking based on your proximity to the lock. They are becoming increasingly popular and recognized in vacation rentals to automate check-ins and check-outs and to help protect your vacation rental property. 

Guest checks-in a vacation rental property

The Rise of Smart Lock Technology in Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental industry has witnessed a significant shift towards digital solutions, and smart locks are a prime example of this change. Originally seen as a tech luxury, smart locks have rapidly become a standard feature in many vacation rental tech stacks for several reasons, including more security features, more convenience for guests and owners, the ability to automate your vacation rental, and the ability to manage remotely. 

Major Benefits of Using Smart Locks

Smart locks are transforming the vacation rental industry by offering numerous advantages for both the guest experience and property management. The integration of smart locks into vacation rentals presents a mix of security, convenience, and efficiency, contributing to a better management experience for owners and a more satisfying stay for guests. 

Security Protection

Unlike traditional keys, which can be copied or lost, smart locks offer a higher level of security. They allow owners to create unique access codes for each guest, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Automation of Check-In and Check-Out Processes

Smart locks facilitate automated and self-service check-in and check-out processes. This automation means that guests can arrive and leave at their convenience, without the need for the host to be physically present. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing multiple properties or for hosts who cannot always be on-site. Automated processes not only save time for both hosts and guests but also add to the overall efficiency and smooth operation of the rental experience.

Seamless Guest Experience

Keyless entry often leads to a smoother, more modern check-in/check-out process. The added sense of security provided by smart locks can make guests feel more comfortable and secure during their visit. Keyless entry also means guests don’t have to worry about losing keys. They can simply use a code or their smartphone to access the rental. 

Easy Management of Access

For owners, the ability to remotely control and monitor the locks simplifies property management. They can easily issue or revoke access, change codes between guest stays, and track entry and exit times.

Integration with Property Management Systems

Many smart locks can be integrated with other property management technologies, streamlining various aspects of rental management, from booking to check-out.

Cost Savings

Over time, smart locks can be more cost-effective than traditional locks. They eliminate expenses related to key duplication, changing locks due to lost or unreturned keys, and managing physical key handovers. This can lead to significant savings, especially for owners with multiple rental properties.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Smart locks are generally more durable and require less maintenance compared to traditional locks. They are designed to withstand frequent use, which is common in vacation rentals with high guest turnover. This longevity reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements. 

Increased Property Value

Adding modern, tech-enabled features like smart locks can make a property more appealing to potential renters and even increase its overall market value.

Customizable Access

Smart locks allow property owners to grant temporary access to service providers like cleaners and maintenance staff. This feature is particularly useful for managing property upkeep remotely. Owners can provide time-limited access codes, ensuring that services are performed efficiently without compromising the security of the property. 

Real-Time Monitoring and History Logs

Many smart locks provide access history logs, offering valuable insights into the usage patterns of the property. This feature can be useful for security purposes and for understanding the occupancy patterns of the rental. 

“In the world of vacation rentals, smart locks have become a must-have for property managers and hosts. These innovative devices offer convenience, security, and peace of mind for both guests and property owners. Best of all, they save you time, coordination, and can lead to more 5-star Airbnb, Vrbo, or direct booking reviews.”

Quote from Hostfully blog, one of our PMS partners

Types of Smart Locks

Smart locks come in various types, each with unique features to suit different needs:

Keypad Smart Locks: These locks use a numeric keypad for entry. Users enter a code to unlock the door, making it convenient for granting temporary access.

Brands like Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset offer models with keypads, allowing users to enter a code for access.


Bluetooth Smart Locks: Operated via Bluetooth, these locks interact with your smartphone to lock or unlock doors as you approach or leave.

August is known for its Bluetooth-enabled smart locks that interact with smartphones for easy access.


Wi-Fi Smart Locks: These locks connect to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing remote access and control from anywhere through a smartphone app.

Brands such as Schlage and August offer smart locks with Wi-Fi connectivity for remote access and control.


RFID Smart Locks: Utilizing Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), these locks can be unlocked with a key fob or card.

Salto provides smart locks that can be unlocked using RFID technology, suitable for larger property management.


Smart Locks with Voice Control: Compatible with smart home assistants, these locks can be controlled through voice commands.

Brands like August and Schlage are compatible with home automation systems and can be controlled via voice commands.

smart locks that automates the check in for you vacation rental

Top Smart Lock Brands

Here’s a look at some of the types of smart locks available for vacation rentals, focusing on brands that integrate well with vacation rental management systems:

Yale Smart Locks

Known for their reliability and ease of use, Yale offers a range of smart locks that are perfect for vacation rentals. Their locks often feature keypad entry and can be integrated with various home automation systems.

Salto Smart Locks

Salto provides advanced smart locking solutions that are ideal for managing multiple properties. These locks are appreciated for their robust security features and flexible access control options.

August Smart Locks

August locks are popular for their sleek design and user-friendly interface. They allow for remote operation via a smartphone app and provide features like guest access scheduling.

Schlage Smart Locks

Schlage is another well-known brand in the smart lock industry. Their locks are valued for their durability and compatibility with various home automation platforms.

Igloohome Smart Locks

Igloohome smart locks stand out for their offline access functionality, which is a significant advantage in areas with unreliable internet service. They offer a range of keyless entry options.

Kwikset Smart Locks

Kwikset offers smart locks with a focus on ease of installation and use. They provide a variety of entry methods, including keypads and smartphone apps.

TTLock Smart Locks

TTLock is known for its versatile smart lock solutions suitable for different types of properties, including vacation rentals. They offer remote management capabilities, which is a huge plus for property owners.

Nuki Smart Locks

Nuki smart locks are appreciated for their simple, retrofit design, which makes them easy to install on existing door hardware. They offer keyless access and easy guest management.

Brivo Smart Locks

Brivo specializes in access control systems and provides smart lock solutions that are scalable and ideal for larger property portfolios.

“Great entry lock. This is my second one. Love that I can make codes for different people and give access all or just certain times of the day. Highly recommend.”

5-star review of Yale Wi-Fi Smart Lock from Best Buy Verified Buyer

How To Use Smart Locks In Vacation Rentals

Using smart locks to automate and protect your vacation rental involves several key steps. By following these steps, you can effectively use smart locks to add an extra layer of security to your vacation rental while making the entire process more efficient and guest-friendly. 

Choose the Right Smart Lock: Choose reliable and secure smart locks from reputable brands that suit your property’s needs. Look for features like: 

  • Remote access features. 
  • Compatibility with your property management system. 
  • Ease of use for both you and your guests. 
  • Strong encryption protocols. 
  • Sturdy physical construction to resist tampering. 

Install and Set Up: Once you’ve chosen your smart lock, install it on your property. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect it to your Wi-Fi network and set it up using their app.

Integrate with a Property Management Platform: If you use a property management system, like Streamline or Track, it can integrate it with your smart lock system. This allows for seamless automation of tasks like guest check-ins and check-outs. 

Integrate with Security Systems: If possible, integrate smart locks with other security systems like cameras or alarm systems for comprehensive property protection.

Automate Access Code Generation: Configure your system to automatically generate a unique access code for each guest booking. These codes can be sent directly to guests, typically after they complete the booking and verification process. The codes should be time-sensitive and expire after the checkout date to prevent unauthorized access after a guest’s stay.

Remote Monitoring and Access Control: You can use the smart lock’s app to monitor access to your property. You can use the smart lock app to monitor access in real-time. This allows you to see who is entering or leaving your property. You can check entry and exit logs, and remotely control the lock if needed. 

Regular Updates and Maintenance: Keep the smart lock’s software updated and regularly check the hardware to ensure everything is working correctly.

Provide Guests with Instructions: Include clear instructions for your guests on how to use the smart lock. This can be part of your welcome guide or sent digitally before their arrival.

Respond Quickly to Alerts: Set up alerts for unusual activity and respond promptly to any security notifications from your smart lock system.

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Enso Connect’s Role in Smart Lock Integration

Enso Connect offers features that improve the functionality and benefits of smart locks in the industry. Enso Connect’s system for smart locks seamlessly integrates with brands like Yale, Salto, August, Schlage, and more. This compatibility allows property owners to select the best smart lock that aligns with their specific needs, whether it’s for durability, ease of use, or advanced security features.

Automating Access with Unique Codes

Enso Connect’s platform revolutionizes the check-in process with the Boarding Pass feature. When a guest’s booking is confirmed and passes the verification stage, a unique smart lock code is automatically generated and incorporated into their boarding pass. This hassle-free process helps automate the door codes and protect your home by ensuring only verified guests can gain access. 

Maintenance and cleaning crews no longer need separate keys as you can generate specific codes for each property managing team. 

From a security standpoint, these unique codes are a big win. There’s no risk of keys being copied or lost, and each code can be set to expire as soon as a guest’s stay is over. Plus, this setup cuts down on time and effort for property owners, as they no longer need to meet guests in person to hand over keys. It’s a straightforward, secure solution that keeps things running smoothly for everyone involved.

Link Access Codes to Guest Verification

A key feature of Enso Connect’s integration is the linking of access code distribution with guest verification. This means access codes are only issued to guests who have completed Enso Connect’s verification process, adding an additional layer of security to the property.

The system screens guests ahead of time, helping to prevent potential issues like disruptive parties or damage. This includes collecting security deposits, verifying IDs, and detecting fraud, thereby safeguarding your business and personalizing guest stays

Remote Check-in with Smart Locks

Enso Connect facilitates an easier check-in process through smart lock integrations. Guests receive digital access codes, and property management systems are updated in real-time with check-in data. 

Customize the Guest Experience

The platform allows property owners to set conditions to customize interactions with guests. This feature, combined with smart lock integrations, means that access to the property is not just secure, but also tailored to meet the specific needs of each guest and property.

Managing Multiple Locks Remotely for Multi-Property Management

For owners with multiple vacation rentals, Enso Connect’s platform is particularly beneficial. The integration with various smart locks simplifies the management of several properties, streamlining operations and saving valuable time and resources.

With Enso Connect, you can manage multiple locks across different properties from one dashboard. Property managers can create and manage both temporary and permanent codes, monitor the status of each lock, and receive timely alerts about usage or potential issues. 

Device History Tracking for Security

Enso Connect provides a feature to track the usage history of each smart lock, with a notification coming to you in real-time. This data offers valuable insights into access patterns, helping property owners enhance security protocols and manage access more effectively.

Configuring smart lock settings for various listings

“Depending on your preferences, no doubt Smart locks or Airbnb keyless entries are a great addition and the future for your vacation rentals. It amplifies security from monitoring to accessibility offering much better streamlined, safe, and fuss-free check-ins.

Don’t think for a second that Smart locks are considered costly but think of them as a long-term investment that benefits both guests and property managers alike. Apart from that, the drawbacks of installing smart locks to your vacation rentals are lesser in comparison to the beneficial traits and features it offers. Thus, smart locks or Airbnb keyless entries offer an easy and safe guest experience.”

Final thoughts about smart locks from one of our integrated PMS partners, Hostaway

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips For Smart Lock Technology

By following these maintenance and troubleshooting tips, you can ensure the smooth operation of your smart locks, making your vacation rental more secure and accessible for your guests. 

Regular Maintenance Best Practices

Best practices for keeping your vacation rental’s smart lock in its best condition.

  • Battery Checks: Regularly check the battery levels in your smart lock. Most smart locks have indicators or send notifications when the battery is low. It’s good practice to replace batteries before they are completely drained.
  • Software Updates: Keep the smart lock’s software updated. Manufacturers often release firmware updates that improve functionality and security.
  • Physical Inspections: Periodically inspect the smart lock hardware for any physical damage or wear and tear. Ensure that the lock mechanism is functioning smoothly.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are common issues that arise when using smart locks and how to troubleshoot them.

  • Connectivity Problems: Smart locks rely on a stable internet connection.  If your smart lock is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network, first check your router and internet connection. Resetting the lock and reconnecting can often resolve this issue. If your rental is in an area with spotty Wi-Fi, consider upgrading your router or investing in a Wi-Fi extender. Some smart locks also offer offline options, like Bluetooth connectivity, as a backup.
  • Unresponsive Lock: If the smart lock is unresponsive, try replacing the batteries. If it still doesn’t work, check the manufacturer’s app for any error messages or troubleshooting steps.
  • Issues with Access Codes: If guests are having trouble with access codes, first ensure the codes are set up correctly in your system. Confirm that the codes haven’t expired or been changed accidentally.
  • Guest Familiarity with Technology: Not all guests may be comfortable with high-tech solutions. Providing clear, simple instructions in your welcome guide can help. You might also keep a traditional key lock as a backup, at least initially, to accommodate all guests.

Helpful Tips for Smart Lock Management 

These are other helpful tips about using smart locks for your vacation rental. 

  • Keep Manuals Handy: Retain the user manual and any installation guides. They often contain valuable information for troubleshooting.
  • Contact Support: Don’t hesitate to contact the smart lock’s customer support for help with more complex issues.
  • Backup Access Method: Always have a backup access method, such as a traditional key or a secondary smart lock, in case of a malfunction. 
  • Security Concerns: While smart locks are generally secure, it’s important to use strong, unique passwords for your accounts. Additionally, use a smart lock that offers encryption for added security.
Managing smart locks in Enso Connect

Unlocking the Potential of Vacation Rentals

Smart locks offer a transformative solution for vacation rental security and guest management. By using this advanced technology, property owners can improve their vacation rental property’s appeal and operational efficiency. 

Smart locks not only provide secure, keyless entry but also integrate seamlessly with vacation rental management systems, streamlining processes and elevating guest experiences. 

As we continue to innovate in the vacation rental industry, smart locks stand out as a smart tool for modern, efficient, and secure property management, making them an essential investment for forward-thinking vacation rental owners.

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How Enso Connect Can Help

Embrace the future of property management with Enso Connect and smart lock technology. Transform your vacation rental into a haven of security and convenience. Whether you’re new to smart home technology or looking to upgrade your existing setup, Enso Connect provides the seamless integration and support you need.

Discover how our solutions can streamline your operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and safeguard your property. Don’t wait to take the next step in vacation rental innovation.

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