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Enso Connect teams up with Mews to help boutique hotels build seamless digital guest journeys.

Enso Connect & Muse partnership Announcement

Enso Connect, A dynamic guest experience platform, has announced an integration with the leading cloud-based property management system Mews. Enso Connect and Mews partnership brings the full-service guest experience solution to boutique hotels across Mews’ user base.      

The partnership is aligned with Mews’ commitment to empower modern hoteliers to improve performance, maximize revenue, and provide remarkable guest experience.

Enso Connect and Mews partnership team

Enso Connect uses AI, smart home integrations, and data analytics to personalize and simplify guest interactions; from inquiry to check-out and beyond.

How the Enso Connect and Mews partnership benefits hoteliers?

With Enso Connect’s unified inbox and AI powered automations across SMS, Emails, Whatsapp and other forms of communication, operators have achieved 95% reduction in response times and improved performance without adding on labor costs.

This integration opens up an opportunity for hospitality operators to capitalize on guest data and market to past guests, driving more direct bookings straight from the Enso Connect platform.

Enso Connect’s experience lab is an engine that allows customization for all possible guest interactions.

From check-in and smart lock access, guest verification and data collection, to check-out and marketing to past guests, this operating system allows hospitality owners to tailor unique experiences at each step of the journey.

It also opens up new revenue streams by facilitating upsells, such as early check-ins, rented equipment, tour bookings, etc. 

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Mews, the hospitality system of the future

Mews plays a critical role in independent hotels’ operations. It is designed to simplify and automate all operations for modern hoteliers and their guests.

From the booking engine to check-out, from front desk to revenue management, every process is easier, faster and more connected. And with the integrated Mews Payments ecosystem, every transaction is secure and seamless.

From independents to group brands, the Mews Hospitality Cloud acts as a central nervous system for property operations, guest experience, booking, payments and analytics.

Created by hoteliers for hoteliers, Mews is helping operators to make the most of their properties’ potential with new technologies shaping the industry and altering the guest experience. The company is transforming the entire industry with cloud solutions that make hospitality more rewarding for everyone.

“We see the hotelier's role as helping to build a trip in its totality, and experience curation will be the decisive factor in the future success or failure of hotels. As technology automates more and more backstage functions, it frees up hotel staff to do what humans are best at: being creative and thoughtful. Winners in the new tech age will be brands who are able to go beyond a guest’s basic expectations and leave an indelible mark on their memory”

Richard ValtrFounder of Mews

Enso Connect: the hoteliers’ one-stop-shop for digital guest experience

“Mews is disrupting the industry, shaping how the next generation of hospitality will look like. We share the vision of a hotel of the future, connected to original hospitality values and powered by technology. We are proud to work together with Mews to provide hospitality owners a full personalization engine for guest experience.”

Francois GoueloCEO and Cofounder of Enso Connect

Enso Connect digitizes guest interactions to provide hotel teams with a better work environment and hotel guests with seamless experiences. 

In fact, the company currently helps hospitality businesses design experiences to delight guests in over 44 countries. With Mews partnership the company will strengthen its position with digital hospitality and tighten relations with forward-thinking hoteliers.

Want to learn more about how Enso Connect works for Mews users?

Use the link below to book a demo with us.

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