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Case Study

Reduce Guest Requests in Vacation Rentals

“I get 90% less calls on things that, in my mind are silly. Wi Fi, check-in instructions, house manuals or general house questions.”


High Volume of Guest Inquiries
Manual Communication
Time Management


Grow to 100 Units
Digitize Guest Experience
Drive More Revenue with Upsells

The Problem

Durango Colorado Vacations faced challenges in their daily operations due to a high volume of repetitive guest inquiries. The team also relied heavily on manual communication through emails, and had time management constraints.

Frequent calls from guests about basic information such as Wi-Fi passwords and check-in instructions consumed a substantial amount of time. This was adding to workload and stress.

With a small team managing 80 properties, these inefficiencies impacted their operational effectiveness. They also hindered their ability to grow and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The Solution

Enso Connect provided a comprehensive solution to Durango Colorado Vacations’ challenges by automating guest communications and enhancing information accessibility.

By implementing digital house manuals and detailed check-in instructions with Boarding Pass, they significantly reduced the volume of repetitive inquiries. The automation of routine tasks streamlined operations, enabling Chris and his team to manage their properties more efficiently.

This not only improved their workflow but also enhanced the guest experience by providing clear, easily accessible information. This significantly reduced the need for guests to make unnecessary calls.


subscription cost covered by upsell revenue


listing growth in 6 months


average monthly upsell revenue

“Enso Connect helps you become more self sufficient. You can bring on more properties without necessarily bringing on as much work.”


Exclusive Mountain Rentals with Luxury Amenities

Durango Colorado Vacations offer an exclusive selection of vacation rentals, from private condos to luxury cabins just outside of town. Their properties, all privately owned, feature top-quality amenities to suit any budget, ensuring an unforgettable stay. Each rental comes with luxury amenities like hot tubs, fireplaces, game rooms, Wi-Fi, with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

They also offer pet-friendly options. Durango’s full-service property management guarantees meticulous care and cleanliness, giving property owners peace of mind. Since 2005, their company’s been one of Durango’s most respected businesses, known for an exceptional service and attention to detail.

Durango, Colorado



Property Type
condos, luxury cabins

Enso Connect, Streamline

Key Features
Boarding Pass, Unified Inbox, Upsells, CRM

Efficient Hospitality Team

Durango Colorado Vacations has an efficient and capable hospitality team dedicated to providing a seamless guest experience. Their team of four manages daily operations, communications with guests and owners, crisis management, problem-solving, and ensuring listing quality. All this across their portfolio of 80 properties.

How do they do it?

Lorie Somermeyer, Owner, Durango Colorado Vacations

Lorie Somermeyer


A real estate broker, entrepreneur, business strategist, world traveler, and mom. She combines extensive business experience with creative problem-solving. A full-time single mom and a business owner, living in Durango for 16 years.

Jen Peterson, Vacation Specialist / Guest Relations at Durango Colorado Vacations

Jen Peterson

Vacation Specialist / Guest Relations

As a 19-year local business owner in Durango, Jen brings savvy and marketing smarts to the company. She earns outstanding guest reviews for her knowledge and dedication.

Chris Taylor, Vacation Specialist / Guest Relations at Durango Colorado Vacations

Chris Naylor

Vacation Specialist / Guest Relations

Chris, with his love for Colorado and Durango, brings exceptional customer service. With a lot of heart and even more ambition you can count on him to deliver and always with a smile.

Chyrch Mendoza, Vacation Specialist / Guest Relations at Durango Colorado Vacations

Chyrch Mendoza

Vacation Specialist / Guest Relations

As the newest member, Chyrch brings over 10 years of hospitality expertise. He has a passion for elevating guest experience. He believes that Durango is a slice of nirvana, and place where everyone deserves to make lasting mountain memories.

How 4 people manage 80 short-term rentals

Strategic growth

The company aims to grow the business strategically, capping the number of properties at a manageable level of 100 units. They aim to maximize revenue from their current rentals rather than adding more properties.

Automation of repetitive tasks

The Durango team is automating repetitive tasks and implementing strategies to reduce the workload associated with day-to-day operations. This enables them to bring on more properties without significantly increasing their workload.

Digitized guest interactions

The team is providing guests with readily available information and resources in a clean, user-friendly format to minimize unnecessary inquiries. This has increased guest satisfaction and improved overall efficiency.

“With Enso, we provide detailed maps, show pictures of intricacies with locks and doors locations. This is extremely helpful for us and our guests.”

Durango Colorado Vacation Boarding Pass guest app

Digital Guest Portal and Online Check-in

Durango Colorado Vacations Boarding Pass Upsells

Easy Add-On Purchases for Guests

Durango Colorado Vacations Boarding Pass Digital Guidebooks

Essential Information at Guests’ Fingertips

Enso Connect’s Impact: A Guest Relations Specialist’s View

Why did you choose Enso Connect over other guest experience tools?

We asked Chris about the main reasons for the team to choose Enso Connect over the other guest experience tools. Among the other factors, Enso Connect’s unified approach to user and guest experience had the main impact on their choice.

Streamlined operations for the team

We chose Enso Connect over other guest experience tools because of its ability to consolidate and centralize all guest-related tasks. The biggest advantage we saw with Enso Connect was including everything into one place.

Unified and smooth experience for guests

It is a great way to boost upsells and commissions with partners, like tours, restaurants, and rentals. Our guests have an “all-in-one” solution right at their fingertips for booking add-ons, getting check-in instructions, house manuals, and more.

How Did Enso Connect Impact Your Business?

Enso Connect significantly improved our business by automating guest communications and providing detailed digital house manuals, which drastically reduced the number of repetitive inquiries. This allowed us to manage our properties more efficiently and improved our work-life balance. Guests appreciated the streamlined and user-friendly experience, leading to positive feedback and fewer calls about basic information. Overall, Enso Connect’s tools have been invaluable in enhancing both our operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

What is your vision of a great guest experience?

Putting myself in the guests’ shoes, I’m sure that integrated approach is where the world is moving. Today we are doing everything from our phones. This why digitizing interactions is the most practical and user-friendly option for our guest experience strategy.

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