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Notice of Collection & Information Use Statement

Notice of Collection Statement:

Municipal Licensing and Standards as well as Enso Connect Inc. collects personal information through this application, which includes the operator’s valid Ontario Driver’s Licence number or Ontario Photo number and the address that is registered with the Province with respect to the Ontario Driver’s Licence or Ontario Photo Card, and the operator’s status as an owner or tenant of the residence. Municipal Licensing and Standards as well as Enso Connect Inc. also collects the name and telephone number of the individual acting as your alternate (emergency) contact person. This information is collected under the authority of ss. 7, 8, and 86 of the City of Toronto Act, 2006, Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 547, Licensing and Registration of Short-Term Rentals and Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 758, Taxation, Municipal Accommodation Tax. The information collected by the City shall be used to: process, review, and evaluate applications for registrations under Chapter 547 (particularly the validation of an operator’s principal residence); facilitate the collection and remittance of tax under Chapter 758; issue, monitor, and regulate (including, suspending, terminating, or revoking) registrations in accordance with Chapter 547; otherwise enforce the provisions of Chapters 547 and 758; and, carry out by-law reviews, and other policy initiatives. Questions about this collection can be directed to the Manager, Investigation Services, 1530 Markham Road, 3rd Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M1B 3M4, or by telephone at 416-395-6600.

Information Use Statement:

Please note that the name, contact telephone number, email of the operator, the address of the short-term rental, and the property details related to its use as a short-term rental, are all collectively considered business identity information and not personal information under section 2(2.1) and (2.2) of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please be aware, that although the City does not intend to publish or make this information available online, it shall be available to the public, including through disclosure under a Freedom of Information request.

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