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Case Study

Brand Consistency, Efficiency and Scalable STR Operations

"I shout about Enso from the rooftops. It has made our lives easier as we deal with a lot in our roles as property operators. I believe it's perfect for anyone in property management with complex operations."


Information Overload and Reactive Communication
Brand Consistency Across All Channels
Manual Processes Hindering Scalability


Centralize and Streamline Guest Communication
Build a Strong Visual Identity and Tone of Voice
Efficient Growth

The Problem

The company offers guests contactless check-ins and was struggling to manage and deliver a substantial amount of information to guests. Their previous method of conveying information through a chat was overly complex and reactive.

In addition, Jacksonheim needed a technology-based solution to consistently track and update changes in their processes. The company was seeking tools to support scale of the business and move away from the limitations of manual updates.

Another priority that needed a solution was ensuring brand consistency and the right tone of voice across all communication channels.

The Solution

Jacksonheim successfully implemented Enso Connect’s centralized solution, a guest app known as the Boarding Pass. It serves as a ‘one-stop shop,’ efficiently providing guests with vital information, including check-in and parking instructions, Wi-Fi details, guidebooks, recommendations. This adoption allowed the team to shift from a reactive to proactive approach, creating a streamlined hub for guest interactions.

The Boarding Pass ensures that guests have easy access to all the information they require for a seamless stay. Jacksonheim’s guidebooks and instructions are customized to match their unique brand voice, and the guest app reflects their visual identity.


ROI on Enso Connect


listing growth in a year


earned with upsells in 6 months

“Boarding Pass enables you to keep track of everyone passing through your doors at any time. It provides everything your guests need in one place.”

Jordan Garside
Head of Customer Service, Jacksonheim

Jacksonheim Property Group

One of the UK's Fastest-Growing and Most Influential Real Estate Groups

The Jacksonheim Property Group is the trading name for the collective group of six individually successful luxury lifestyle brands.

The six pillars of Jacksonheim consist of Jacksonheim Boutique, Jacksonheim Residences Interiors by Jacksonheim, HeimHost, Jacksonheim Invest and Jacksonheim Sport.

Jacksonheim Boutique offers a range of unique and luxurious serviced apartments across Manchester City Centre, providing guests with a high standard of amenities, comfortable living spaces, and outstanding customer service – delivered by the Jacksonheim Concierge team.

The properties offer flexible booking arrangements to suit everybody whilst maintaining strong attention to detail thanks to the incredible Interiors by Jacksonheim build team. Jacksonheim Invest provides bespoke investment opportunities to future owners, partners, and developers to buy properties optimized for short-term stays in prime locations.


A Modern Luxury Lifestyle Brand

Jacksonheim Property Group is a boutique hospitality organization, whose companies and brands are synonymous with whimsical spaces, imaginative micro-experiences, bespoke consumer and client services, and prime locality.

They have pioneered an end-to-end service model, developing the next generation of homes away from home. The company’s philosophy is derived and takes inspiration from the guest’s comfort.

They strongly believe in their team’s professional excellence to attain business success for the group, clients and investment partners. Their goal is to achieve the very highest standards: they believe everything matters.

Jacksonheim have created exceptional places to stay. They regard well-being as the new lifestyle. Thoughtful and often unexpected, their apart-hotels and residences design, is never repeated but always remembered.

At Jacksonheim, individuality, originality and inclusivity are hallmarks that distinguish their properties, services and people.

Manchester, UK



Property Type
Boutique serviced apartments in Manchester City Centre

Guesty, Enso Connect, Autohost

Key Features
Boarding Pass, Guest Verification, Digital Guidebooks, Upsells, Contactless Check-in, Contactless Checkout

Streamline your rental operations and increase revenue with Enso Connect

Best Luxury Property Management Company 2023 – North West – by SME News UK


on Trustpilot

Kayak Travel Awards


Top 5 Luxury Places

to Stay in Manchester

Exploring Jacksonheim Boutique’s Success with Boarding Pass and Upsells

Crafting an Award-Winning Property Experience

Our apartments are truly unique, featuring beautiful designs inspired by current themes. For instance, our Boujee Boutique apartment epitomizes modern culture and is highly Instagrammable. We’ve crafted an experience that aligns with our distinctive style, creating an intimate and personalized design for each property.

Another example is our Santorini inspired ‘Cave Haus’ apartment. To enhance guest experience in this rental, we’ve developed guidebooks that offer a taste of Greece right here in Manchester. These guides feature the best Greek restaurants, where to find a bottle of raki, or the finest olives in town. It’s all about tailoring each property to perfection.

This commitment to tailored experiences is what sets us apart and has earned us all these awards.

“Adopting Enso Connect in our operations was a learning curve, but it was also incredibly exciting. It has improved our processes, particularly in guest communications, by consolidating everything into one accessible hub.

Providing a Remarkable Digital Experience with the Boarding Pass Guest App

The Boarding Pass guest app is revolutionary for us. It consolidates everything onto a single link, encompassing check-in instructions, weather updates, location details, contact numbers, and more.

It also provides and easy access to the information about our brand partners and upsell offers. It’s a one-stop resource that caters to all needs of our guests. The Boarding Pass is even offering the convenience of adding it to your Apple wallet, like a plane ticket. Enso Connect’s technology is truly remarkable, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Focus on Relations, Efficiency and Profit in 2024

In 2024 we have a strong focus on enhancing guest relations, operational efficiency and profitability. This includes data-driven solutions, examining customer behavior, check-in/out processes, and the entire guest journey in-depth. The overarching goal is to improve service for both owners and guests, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying experience. We will be empowering our team with tools for even higher efficiency. And dive deeper into the opportunity for upsells and local partnerships. 

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