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The short-term rental industry has faced challenges such as layoffs and demand uncertainty, and recent economical turbulence have added to the disruptions. However, proactive property managers can turn these potential threats into an advantage by creating contingency plans that are adaptive and agile. By doing so, they can capitalize on emerging opportunities as they come up.

Our live webinar “5 Factors That May Derail Your 2023 Planning and How to Avert Them,” brought together tech and industry experts to discuss these strategies and share advice on how short-term rental managers can face the future with confidence. 

We will recap on the key takeaways from the live chat, including recent trends and news – both concerning and otherwise – as well as practical measures for responding appropriately.

Our Speakers

  • François Gouelo, CEO & Co-Founder, Enso Connect
  • Neal Cyr, CEO, Quibble RM
  • Pierre-Camille Hamana, CEO & Founder, Hospitable
  • (HOSTED BY) Thibault Masson, Founder, Rental Scale-Up, and Head of Product Marketing at PriceLabs Inc

In case you missed this or would like to revisit the conversation, here is the recap of the webinar.